Eggless Breakfast Recipe : Working Class Foodies

Posted on 20 October 2010 by admin     

Max forgets to buy eggs after the Working Class Foodies make their tortilla espanola, so he and Rebecca make a quick eggless breakfast. Hungry Nation is all about food, cooking, and great recipes. Website: WCF Twitter HN Twitter:

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  1. yasharox Says:


  2. ShaunWhiteismyGinger Says:

    Rebecca has pretty eyes. Shed look prettier if she did someting besides that bun.

  3. peacefulshades Says:

    YEA I am excited to know how to make granola…. can be expensive and prolly not as good to buy.
    (We have the same coffee press) :oD

  4. MercSLRFan Says:

    what’s the deal with the black dude?
    anyway i love your show, it deserves more zeroes to the total views number.

  5. Phr33Pur3 Says:

    That black guy is really annoying.

  6. TeoSims Says:

    @artfuse It probably took some time to find the information regarding the bulgarian dish-drink, so thank you for the time you’ve spent. And it really is a dish-drink since it is boiled and there are big pieces of fruit “swimming” in the juice, but you can save the fruit for later and drink only the juice. Also if you put the juice, along with some of the fruit in a blender you will get a wonderful nectar like substance, which is healthy, if you rule out the “tons” of sugar included 😉 .

  7. TeoSims Says:

    @artfuse I’m guessing there are different versions of the same dish. Thank you for all the info I am going to remember 🙂 . Oh, and they should make the other version too it is really good. And if made in bulk, and correct you can keep it for several months and enjoy in through the winter and spring, when the fruit with which the Compote was made are not growing.

  8. artfuse Says:

    @TeoSims I did a little research and I believe what you’re referring to is a drink made from stewed fresh or dried fruit, called Kompot. Similar, but different.

  9. artfuse Says:

    @TeoSims I don’t doubt there’s a Bulgarian version of compote, but what we make in this episode is a classic British compote. The British dish dates to the 17th century and is made by gently cooking fruits and spices in a simple syrup (sugar + water). For more information on the British compote, check Wikipedia. Thanks for the comment!

  10. TeoSims Says:

    thats not how you make compote, the actual word and dish compote comes from bulgaria, this is deffinetly not compote 🙁

  11. briggybear Says:

    Looks good, but why is this called Working Class Foodies? Was Upper Middle Class Foodies taken?

  12. tengu53 Says:

    Docela cool. Do všeho cpou na m?j vkus hodn? cukru, ale jinak výbornej videoblog.

  13. Bccaundefined Says:

    coconut adds some great flavor to the granola. I’ve had granola with coconut dried pinapple and dried mango

  14. mpfordgchild07 Says:

    Food Network has a recipe for banana compote..Think I’ll try it out.

  15. artfuse Says:

    @thepurpletangerines Actually, the pricing for the dishes is correct. Pantry items – flour, sugar, butter, eggs, oil, salt & pepper – don’t get factored in (with certain exceptions, like flour when we’re baking bread) because these are items that virtually everyone keeps in their home. The prices given in the episode factor in the portions of the ingredients used – if I buy a whole tub of oats, I only factor the cost of the portion used for this recipe, which is the most accurate way to price.

  16. thepurpletangerines Says:

    The only thing I don’t like about these videos is that a lot of the meals arn’t actually that cheap.

  17. bogusgirl161 Says:

    Just made this for my mom for mother’s day,
    I made mine with cherries and strawberries and layered it in a Martini glass with plain yogurt and the granola.
    She loved it!

  18. JewishLube Says:

    you need lime juice for a banana compote its the secret

  19. CassieCurse Says:

    I made it with plum and pear! It’s gorgeous!

  20. aslp6Anan Says:

    i like mixed berries and ice cream

  21. 1diarmuid Says:

    caramelize bananas first

  22. luckyodeler Says:

    Yeah, definitely! Mmmm….

  23. mikenike504 Says:

    Continuity error! But a great vid nonetheless.

  24. mycar12300 Says:

    this is really related to food ,nothign fancy.

    5 star to you as always

  25. sduncan86 Says:

    this is, without a doubt, foodie porn! Such great food shots…you guys always make me hungry


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