Electric Blackberry Chiffon Pie – Musical Video Recipes Ep. 1 of 6

Posted on 24 October 2012 by admin     

Welcome to Musical Video Recipes, one of our brand new, Youtube-only series featuring instructional recipes told through original songs! This series will be a limited run of 6 episodes, starting now and airing every other Monday until December 17th. In the premiere episode, a bored babysitter is transformed into a glowing, dancing diva as she prepares a blackberry chiffon pie. Check out the recipe here! – www.chow.com Like it? Have a favorite recipe you’d like to see turned into a song? Let us know about it! Don’t like it? Tell us what can improve in the comments. And, if you feel inspired, remix it and submit a video response! ======================CHOW.com========================= See all the newest uploads from CHOW with the Latest Videos playlist: bit.ly Subscribe to CHOW: bit.ly For more recipes, stories and videos, check out www.chow.com CHOW on Twitter: twitter.com CHOW on Facebook: www.facebook.com ======================================================== Director, Co-Producer, Editor Blake Smith Writer, Co-Producer, Actress Mia Di Pasquale miadipasquale.com Director of Photography D. Ryan Reeb ryanreeb.com Music Matt Abeysekera bromeliadmusic.com Grip Adam Wood

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25 Comments For This Post

  1. StenDarker Says:

    This is actually? good enough to keep in my playlist. The visuals were hilariously cheesy, though XD I don’t understand why these are hated

  2. appledude141 Says:

    i was in my spanish class and this song was stuck in? my head..omg

  3. Magmafire2374 Says:


  4. BeardChest Says:

    Yesss!? That wraked

  5. QuietCannon Says:

    Where are they? now? LazyTown Edition.

  6. ubersmech Says:

    it grows? on you after a while lol

  7. HemishMeg Says:

    Hmmm…. don’t like? the new “Musical Video Recipes” and “My food things”

  8. nikman2 Says:

    wait maybe if she rapped this? would be interesting but so far chow’s mondays will suck hard 😛

  9. nikman2 Says:

    not sure what to think…maybe if she didnt actually sing and just? played music with a recipe scrolling on it…ya that would be better 😛

  10. 1Deminator Says:

    dorritos consomme is amazing compared to this?

  11. 1Deminator Says:

    that was retarded?

  12. henbees Says:

    no.? no no no

  13. jectblade Says:

    I don’t see this series going on for very long.
    I think they need to change the format.
    Write an original food related song, but display the actual steps on the screen via text, because singing cooking instructions is just really lame. Unless you have a lyrical genius? around.

  14. Murphy Dolce Says:

    Brain cells have? been lost

  15. sweetviciousmellons Says:

    I have a feeling “Musical Monday Recipes” is chows way of revenge for the flockless idiots who post stupid Consomme? jokes.

  16. ubersmech Says:

    musical? cooking *o*

  17. BobThePatriot Says:

    this video need ryan gosling with? his scorpion jacket

  18. kikomiko1 Says:

    Would peanut butter make this taste better or worse? ?

  19. risingsun113x Says:

    Though I don’t really approve of the concept,? this made a really tasty pie. haha

  20. alrightythen695 Says:

    I honestly wish I could dislike this video more than once…what in the world is chow? doing? bring back obsessives and NY chow report!

  21. Marez0 Says:

    I had to look at the related? videos to check if I’m in the weird part of youtube again… surprisingly I’m not

  22. LoquaciousInkSlinger Says:

    This is hilarious… Haha!?

  23. cybertooth49 Says:

    I love you guys. I like the college tips, I loved the NY Chow Report, but goddamn what were you thinking with this. Bring back Obsessives, do? a new season of the Chow Report, and do more straight forward recipe videos.

  24. Jellies256 Says:

    this is so bad? it’s funny

  25. paperchasin23 Says:

    you should have pantera do your next? vid.


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