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Electric Jack & Coke

Posted on 19 November 2010 by admin     

By Gawd, St. Elmo’s Feer has invaded me Jack Daniels and Coke! Actually, a cherry coke. By Cracky, could it be the cherry syrup that caused the electric reaction?!? The cherry syrup is made from Kool-Aid. Email me for the recipe…

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  1. emmfc Says:

    @cahal360 Yup! I may still have them… wonder if they still light?

  2. cahal360 Says:

    electric ice cubes

  3. emmfc Says:

    Got them at the Bar Show in NYC. Ye Gad me cover is blown…

  4. calicovon Says:

    Light up ice cubes folks, had some in red from my bartending days. Promoters and distributers give you little junk shit like this to push their products.

  5. overcaffeinatedpixel Says:

    Methinks it is an LED light, being flashed on it from above. The consistency of the lighting, and regularity of the flashes, plus the clicking sound, ya know.

  6. xoxSandyxox1976 Says:

    Oh Hmm.. :0/

  7. emmfc Says:

    No, my dear, I was just happy to see you…

  8. xoxSandyxox1976 Says:

    Was that a firefly in the drink? :0)

  9. adi123321 Says:

    its just an LED light :/?

  10. Kronick666 Says:

    is that a chemical reaction or what if that is real
    think of the chemicals that make up kool aid wow not kool for kids to consume makes them obese and diabetic

  11. emmfc Says:

    Hmmmmm….. Could be… 🙁

  12. Revort1 Says:

    Or could it be light up ice cubes? I wonder now…


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