English Muffins recipe from the World’s Premier Culinary College

Posted on 25 May 2010 by admin     

Get the recipe at www.ciaculinaryintelligence.com The Culinary Institute of America is the world’s premier culinary college. As part 1 of the 3 video Eggs Benedict recipe, culinary school chef instructor Scott Swartz demonstrates how to prepare English Muffins for Eggs Benedict. For more information about our cooking school, please visit www.ciachef.edu.

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  1. rip123arsalan Says:

    make a McMuffin!!! 😛

  2. KrystalPerry Says:

    @perfecttense It’s proofing, not proving…

  3. perfecttense Says:

    100 deg F= 37.5 deg C. I’m guessing this is what you mean for proving.

  4. killgroup Says:

    Very yummy, love English muffins :3

  5. vnck25 Says:

    That means you give up typical English he he he

  6. SmilingEyes79 Says:

    Xen, you are too retarded for words.

  7. vnck25 Says:

    Dumb asshole thats what I said Irish cum

  8. Xen1aserman Says:

    @vnck25 actually my dad is irish, and my mothers welsh, so i guess so

    good retort though, very intelligent

  9. vnck25 Says:

    Did you remember how your mom craved for Black Irish cum . LOLz

    I say at what temperature do you bake your shit in order to make them in to Muffins, you scum bag!!!

  10. Xen1aserman Says:

    @vnck25 oh yeah i remember, the irish made everything, we evil imperialists stole it all

    usual paddie bullshit, i can make random shit up too

  11. JoyMSZ Says:

    Made these muffins! They are great! Couldn’t stop eating them! Not good for the waistline! LOL

  12. yardenk2 Says:

    is there a different between a griddle and a simple pan regarding way of cooking ? because it dosent make since that such a thick piece of dough can be cooked on a flat surface in such a short time ..!? or am I wrong ?

  13. ajayaruna Says:

    Where do y’all keep your dough for proofing? At 100 degrees, I’m guessing the only place would be the oven? But then I know most home ovens aren’t well able to maintain such low temperatures. Suppose it wouldn’t make much difference?

  14. vnck25 Says:

    This is actually an Irish thing as with everything else the English copied it have have it called English muffins

  15. mamipudina Says:


  16. 2brello Says:

    Can’t say I’ve made English muffins with a greased griddle! I’ll have to try it out. Either way, once you make your own you’ll never buy store-bought again.

  17. ayshamarty Says:

    could you possibly teac us how to do eggs royale? i know they’re pretty similar but they are the best 🙂

  18. RoddTundgren Says:

    i love eggs benedict!
    Ham or dungenous crab!

  19. mvbc0101 Says:

    Would have loved to know how much of each ingredient. Also, What degree the griddle should be on. So excited about these videos!!! Keep them coming….

  20. BuckeyeChef Says:

    Nice, thanks.

  21. Flourgirl72 Says:

    To find the recipe go to Google and type in “cia homemade english muffins”

  22. rockstars3x Says:

    You haven’t specified the amounts of each ingredient to use.


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