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Espresso Martini – Art of the Drink 42

Posted on 15 October 2010 by admin     

Anthony visits Bean Traders in search of the perfect espresso and transforms it into a martini.

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  1. Hollowbarista Says:

    Admariable affaciandos all three of them. Tho it´s a shame only the bottom liquid of the espresso was poured. If one wants a whole experiense of a espresso shot, then you could have poured a single shot and stirred it before pouring it onto the shaker. I wonder is there any chanse of doing a non alcoholit espresso”martini?”

  2. Hollowbarista Says:

    5 bean blend? May I say it must have been hard to combine a working blend of so a many types. Tho I guess northen Italian blend would be easier one because they are so darkly roasted that its quite a oily one. Mayby?

  3. Frazz0 Says:

    good teaching ability

  4. gemcutter187 Says:

    omg this looks amazing

  5. AlonYehudaAbraham Says:

    That is a fantastic combination for a cocktail! I usually drink black Russian or Guinness.
    I will try this one as well for sure, thank you for the tip. Cheers!

  6. lutherdriggers Says:

    in the last 5-10 years the new one’s i’ve seen are fully auto. maybe they only install those where they have a lot of customers? they used to be semi auto

  7. raspberrytwist Says:

    haha…even I know StarBucks is something nasty when it comes to espresso. I jus work at my dad’s coffee house, SB’s machines are fully automatic aren’t they?

  8. 54spiritedwill54 Says:

    wow nice vid

  9. madskillz808 Says:

    do you use the espresso hot or do you have to let it chill before adding to the mixing tin?

  10. CadaveriaIX Says:


  11. aoimozart Says:

    The barista is very beautiful. The espresso looks very fragrant too.

  12. jmhere07 Says:

    wow nice vid .its well cool at the cold drink part nice job 🙂

  13. k8ee84 Says:

    Really impressive crema, and the cocktail looks delicious, but I’ve always been mildly irked at the trend of calling any vodka cocktail in a martini glass a “martini.” I guess I am a conservative in this one respect.

  14. LilithFilth Says:

    Stunning crema on that espresso!

  15. ParadeRainer Says:

    Hey Anthony, do you bartend anywhere in The Triangle? If so, I’d love to stop by wherever you do.

  16. jasmith456 Says:

    I love the espresso guy. Espresso girl looks like she’s about to jump all over that espresso martini. ;d

  17. BRUJOZZ Says:

    hoo thank you for the tip is very good please show the cafe español flamed. or cucaracha

  18. drinkart Says:

    If you enjoy “Art of the Drink,” please select “Share Video” above and spread the word — thanks!


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