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Posted on 13 May 2011 by admin     

If you’re seeking real comfort food then it’s obvious that a jacket potato is going to be hard to beat. But taken to this next level with a spinachy, cheesy and eggy filling it becomes irresistible. A great vegetarian option, healthy and delicious. Get the recipe at Like us on facebook for loads more SORTED food gossip at Check out plenty of other simple, cheap and tasty recipes in our books at

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  1. fayili Says:

    Love the video, but in the actual recipe, you skip the cheese step. It’s common sense, but still something to be aware of. Gonna go make this now!

  2. cobainbride Says:

    yummy! <3

  3. sortedfood Says:

    @SeargentMcMulla We read all of these comments so by all means contact us here. Alternatively head to our website – sortedfood(.)com – and use the ‘get in touch’ form on the the ‘about us’ tab! 😀

  4. SeargentMcMulla Says:

    i was just wondering if you guys (sortedfood) had an e-mail adress if you do please mention it thank you

  5. sortedfood Says:

    @dickbutt63 Hahahaha! We love Gordon really! 😀

  6. dickbutt63 Says:

    As Gordon would say,

    Fucking Delicious.

    But You’re no Gordon Ramsay. When you open your eyes you don’t see the lining of your intestines.

  7. mystripeysocks Says:

    Love it love it <3

  8. iloveyoupilot Says:

    Im totolly making this for lunch tomorow : )

  9. MinimoviesInc Says:

    Can you show how to make your own mayonnaise, please? I tasted homemade mayonnaise before and it’s so much nicer than what you buy, but I’d like to see sortedfood’s spin on it! 😀 Love the show!

  10. snailbacon Says:

    That. Looks. So. Yummy. *Runs to the kitchen to find all the ingredients*

  11. sortedfood Says:

    @msrandommo Sounds amazing! *tummy rumbles!*

  12. bozy99 Says:

    woman that can not cook!??!?! HAHAHAHAHA

  13. Englishgrlverity Says:

    @sortedfood Thanks for the reply! I just tried this tonight, but I changed it up a little. Instead of oniioins, I used mushrooms, and (for most of them) I skipped the egg and added shrimp. Tonight was a Sorted Food night because we also had chocolate cake in a cup. = ) Thanks for all the awesome dishes/videos! I’m looking forward to the next one = )

  14. msrandommo Says:

    Looks delicious! As I was watching this, I couldn’t help but think of making a sort of huevos rancheros version with some refried beans (or black beans if you don’t like refried), pico de gallo (maybe with a little chipotle), cilantro, and sprinkle a bit of a ‘Mexican’ cheese blend on top. After cooking, top with some frying pan-toasted corn tortilla strips (and maybe a dollop of guacamole or some avocado strips too). Could be delicious. 🙂

  15. uhaque Says:

    Hey great video!! Can you guys make alfredo sauce? I’ve just had this massive craving for it and would love to know how to make it at home! Also, perhaps a recipe for some badass chicken wings?


  16. sortedfood Says:

    @jfatsnorlax 😀 back at ya! Hope you like it?

  17. jfatsnorlax Says:

    omg that’s me 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  18. Piaismyname Says:

    AHH! You always make me feel so hungry!

  19. Boredom2989 Says:

    @sortedfood Thanks. Made these and they’ll delicious xD

  20. sortedfood Says:

    @Boredom2989 Most ovens (those made in the last 10-15 years) are fan assisted now so it shouldn’t make any difference. But if you’re using an older oven without fan then aim for the middle shelf and cut 10-20 degrees C off.

  21. Boredom2989 Says:

    Is there any rule at all with how much lower you should put the oven on if you’ve got a fan oven? I know your meant to have it lower, but i never know quite how much :/

  22. bellefash Says:

    can I request an omelette video… I’m have the biggest craving for one & i just realized that never knew how to make them!? i think it might come in handy…. 🙂

  23. justjennai Says:

    Just solved the question of “what’s for dinner?” thanks guys!

  24. Livvie7892 Says:

    please can you do some more vegetarian recipes? my boyfriend is a vegetarian and I have no idea what to cook! 🙂

  25. monkey1poison Says:

    Hello! I love what you’ve been doing and these recipes are great, so simple and relatively quick too. But I was wondering if you could do a cool Vegetarian dish with tofu, most of the time when you have dishes I’m able to sub out the meat, like with the Sweet Sour Chicken dish I subbed in tofu (it was so yummy), but as a novice chef I’m always on the look out for cool new ways to cook things. So a tofu dish SORTED?
    Lilly P.S. your salads are fantastic, love the couscous. 😀


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