Food Courting – Christmas Cookies and Easy Eggnog Recipe

Posted on 18 April 2011 by admin     

Gingerbread cookies and eggnog can become guilt-free Christmas treats by substituting whole wheat flour in the cookies and skim milk in the eggnog. Indulge in these lower-calorie festive sweets this holiday season with help from professional chef Jennifer Iserloh in this free video on healthy cooking.

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  1. pdisanyaka Says:

    My name is Mike from LA Although there


    @BruzedHQ #LOL #FAIL

  3. MariaCaro95 Says:

    Now that’s my kind of cookie

  4. britsunshine1 Says:

    i just read that whole milk helps improve cholesterol levels.
    its in an add on

    love the video!!! it looks soooo yummy

  5. AfterThisShutUp Says:

    Everyone type “gift” in before youtube and the press enter.

  6. clumzy133 Says:

    hey put girft before


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