Food Wishes Recipes – Chocolate Egg Cream – New York’s Famous Chocolate Egg Cream Drink Recipe

Posted on 18 May 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make New York’s Famous Chocolate Egg Cream Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Chocolate Egg Cream Recipe!

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  1. ProtoGenocid Says:

    @nickrockz619 Yeah I’ve done it before but it is better imo with Seltzer water, plus it’s cheaper. Now it is really fun ordering sprite with chocolate syrup at resturants xD

  2. nickrockz619 Says:

    could I use Sprite?

  3. traceycrosss Says:

    Can I buy that syrup in the uk? What does it taste like so I know what to look for as I’d really like to make this. It looks amazing plus it’s guilt free!!!! Great video buy the way.

  4. TehAntt Says:

    That is my egg cream 🙂

  5. imBrendaUng Says:

    can I do it with normal water ? cause I dont have seltzer water.

  6. OtakuOujo Says:

    there’s a worm in my egg? cream!!

  7. eagleBURST Says:

    @seedofageneration get the frozen minute maid juice type things from the supermarket and mix it with 7up or sprite instead of water, tastes freakin awesome

  8. marlondx23 Says:

    thanks man i really enjoyed after i finish making it!!!!

  9. truehealthyproducts Says:

    Nice videos this you tube world just gets bigger every day! When you
    have time come visit my chann

  10. PinkFloydrulez Says:


  11. trashbarg Says:

    @buggy627 To day is “one day” 😉

  12. toxicpizza12 Says:

    I can see the “molcajete” on the background, =)

  13. DancingFlameDragon Says:

    I think a “true” egg cream has white foam, but I also prefer to make them with chocolate foam like in this video (some New Yorker I am…). One suggestion, though, it’s more fun and tasty to drink these without the straw so you drink the foam as well XD

  14. cindysfromnj Says:

    I made this just now – except used Cream Soda instead of seltzer water. GODLY.

  15. devildogsrule101st Says:

    i cnt do it i tryed it 100 times plz help

  16. andremch Says:

    @misterpink95 Same here =(

  17. baritonebynight Says:

    He does a better job with this than he does with Jerimiah Tower’s chicken that he thinks is Julia Childs’

  18. misterpink95 Says:

    i made this and it tastes really bad

  19. YoungDutchSilk Says:

    :15 – :20 caught me off guard an made me LMAO.

  20. AskeDunk Says:

    this seems gross. I don’t want carbon oxide in my chocolate drink 🙁
    That is like making a milk soda.
    I have not tasted this though.

  21. rsdewd Says:

    @KevNgu not where i live.

  22. GuruBabadesh Says:

    surrp lmao

  23. KevNgu Says:

    women can vote now??

  24. KMCarroll89 Says:

    difference between club soda and seltzer water is that club soda has salt in it, where as seltzer is just plain old carbonated water

  25. TheMythey Says:

    45 chocolate milkshakes disliked this video.


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