Food Wishes Recipes – Five Spice Chicken Recipe – Grilled 5-Spice Chicken Recipe

Posted on 16 December 2010 by admin     

Learn how to make this Grilled 5-Spice Chicken Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. Enjoy!

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  1. bebethdam Says:

    will try soon! in the oven, too much snow outside to grill!

  2. impamiizgraa Says:

    I’m so fucking hungry now. Fucking hell. I hate my life.

  3. DaNnYaBz13 Says:

    mm tasty 😀 i made this with chicken breast tho =] turned out great, Thanks!

  4. TheAdmiralsemmes Says:

    What kind of fish sauce was that? I have Squid brand on hand is that cool?

  5. TheAdmiralsemmes Says:

    Dude is this hot? I hate hot stuff. A little heat is good but is this stuff fire? or tasty?

  6. TheAdmiralsemmes Says:

    Dude is this hot? I hate hot stuff. A little heat is good but is this tuff fire or tasty?

  7. hoodboi718 Says:

    i always enjoy. 😀

  8. patswz Says:

    If I don’t have a grill and I decide to use an oven, how long do you think it will take?

  9. derekbegins Says:

    @jagjagin torture means in a much much longer and painful way..killing means,bang-1 hit k.o. 1-3 seconds dead.

  10. 69adrummer Says:

    @foodwishes And that’s why we love you Chef John and think you’re a cool cat and stuff.

  11. khoihq Says:

    i really appreciate your take on fish sauce

  12. lovelyaley Says:

    Ich liebe dich.

  13. FikiNom Says:

    @YT747 win!

  14. FikiNom Says:

    @foodwishes lol @ the snark

  15. zetaroxos Says:

    ziploc ftw

  16. natew1990 Says:

    hey chef john, have you ever used the sous vide cooking technique? if so, how did you like it compared to normal cooking techniques?

  17. StevenEdit Says:

    the sambal doesnt look so sambal… 🙂 come to malaysia to see “real” sambal

  18. selenafan3905 Says:

    that looks so delicious

  19. MychalMonstrousity Says:

    Wet Rub…Ahahahaha. aha..ah..ha…nvm =_= LOL

  20. Shadow194 Says:

    Cross contamination. :[

  21. xNinjaKingx Says:

    @da1on2 lol i like dat~

  22. da1on2 Says:

    @foodwishes Two different words can mean the same thing. They’re called synonyms and stuff.

  23. PINKIEPOOH123 Says:


  24. MrsBrookaltimore Says:

    I made this recipe this weekend and holy yum. It was amazing! All your recipes look yummy but this is the first one I’ve attempted. I will definitely be trying more. =) Thanks!

  25. jagjagin Says:

    @littledude4eva dude just drop it


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