Food Wishes Recipes – Green Coconut Chicken Recipe – Coconut Milk Curry Chicken

Posted on 29 December 2010 by admin     

Check LIME UPDATE HERE: Learn how to make a Green Coconut Milk Curry Chicken recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. Enjoy this Green Coconut Chicken Recipe!

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  1. ruelf21 Says:

    nice 1.. this version is like my mother’s chicken curry. yumyum! 2 thumbs up chef john!

  2. TherealHaaku Says:

    curry police is gonna backtrace this!

  3. meatisdeliciouse Says:

    @Pimpvaic from a tap.

  4. meatisdeliciouse Says:

    @drishy94303 Well your right about coriander tasting like shit, I think it tastes more like washing up iquid. I can’t stand the stuff, it’s absolutely beastly.

  5. drishy94303 Says:

    @meatisdeliciouse that sucks, i think coriander is tha shit.. mmmm and thai basil.. he aint kidding its soo good.. i got siam basil growing outside 🙂

  6. ljjmbguhho Says:

    She is hot and sexy wonna meet her

  7. meatisdeliciouse Says:

    Cilantro is so disgusting that I would rathe expiriance phisical pain then eat it. Coriander to me is more unpleasent tha a kidney stone, I actualy hade a stone and would rather that 10 times i a row than to have cilantro touch my skin.

  8. meatisdeliciouse Says:

    @xLithePanther x( oh god. If I eat it acidently, I scream like I am in paine. I once washed my mouth out with vinegar after having it. I once downed a glass of strong red wine in anout half a second JUST to wash away the flavour. To me the taste is like poison, I detest it. I would rather pass another kidney stone or eat a rwa chilly, and I don’t even like chilly pepers. Cilantro is absolutely HORIBLE and I would rathe drink stagnat milk than eat it, it’s so horible and evil.

  9. DesgWamrt Says:

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  10. YaakovwaSabastianla Says:

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  11. xLithePanther Says:

    @meatisdeliciouse I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind could NOT eat cilantro.

    See what I did there?

  12. gurubhai01 Says:

    I’m from Thailand and I might have to call in the international curry police.. regardless,
    I love your show!!

  13. Pimpvaic Says:


  14. ECHOETUDE Says:

    .. tried it, flavors were awesome. bit mild tho.

  15. heelrunner Says:

    I’m actually ill right now and can’t stomach anything ingestible, but this made my mouth water. >_<

  16. meatisdeliciouse Says:

    @liarsclub75 I wont even give it to her, she need to be kissed by me and I don’t want the smell of coriander when I cuddle her. I give her parsley, she loves it. Coriander gives me nightmeares I hate it so much. Coriander to me is an all consuming hatered. I would rather pass another kidney stone again than eat it, and i’m not jokeing. coriander is the only thing I actualy HATE everything else I just don’t like.

  18. liarsclub75 Says:

    @meatisdeliciouse lol I hate it too. I buy it for my rabbit to eat and I hate the smell. This dish can be made without it, it’s very versatile.

  19. meatisdeliciouse Says:

    @meatisdeliciouse Me too I don’t like coriander either, you and me are verry simular you know.

  20. meatisdeliciouse Says:

    Corriander tastes like poison to me, I HATE it. I have NEVER found someone who hates anything as much as I hate corriander. Even people who don’t eat meet. Some people go off meat, but they still ate it. I can’t even put coriander in my mouth it’s that bad, and it smells so horible. Why the hell is the 3 things I hate the most used the MOST. Chillie, coriander and parsley. Spicy food is just horible and make me want to be sick, i don’t understand how anyone in thei right mind coul eat cilantro?

  21. meatisdeliciouse Says:

    Curries are just ofensive, why do they ALWAYS put bloody CORIANDER in the damn dish and make them so spicy. Spicy food is horible and coriander is just plane awful. I HATE curries>: (

  22. swtsl3 Says:

    I’m Asian and my mom always makes something similar to this but we have an Asian supermarket that has the green curry paste that comes in a can..but I’m going to try this…yummy…

  23. LadyLatias Says:


  24. j0va2020 Says:

    made it, ate it! loved it! very spicy! but next time ill try not put so much ginger just gonna let that out and less jalapeno lol my dad took a big bite of a piece of ginger thinking it was a potatoe lmao!! his face was priceless! thanks cheff john. i will be trying that butternutt squash recipe now.

  25. audioblanche Says:

    thats similar to a filipino dish,its called “ginnataang manok” meaning milk with coconut..its with ginger i think you would like it,so you should google it.. 🙂

  26. j0va2020 Says:

    Hi, am a yound man not really into cooking but when i came across this recipe, i was like I HAVE TO TRY IT OUT! so i went and bought all the ingredients and right now am simmering my chicken into that delicious green stuff lol well at least i hope so. wish me luck and happy enjoyment! =]


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