Food Wishes Recipes – How to Make Nasturtium Butter – Nasturtium Flower Butter Recipe

Posted on 24 March 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make Nasturtium Butter! Visit to get more info, and watch over 350 free video recipes.

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  1. Gregmills007 Says:

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  2. gavin32 Says:

    See.. what happens is…

    The water molecules are polar so they won’t dissolve in a non-polar substance such as oil or fat.

    (I know you knew that.)

  3. swimdancedrama Says:

    Sweet! ..Will have to try that!

  4. FikiNom Says:

    “i you are not into drowning tiny bugs…”


  5. blunklaura Says:

    Thaanks! I can’t wait to make it !

  6. MrDorkusMaximus Says:

    Mrs Butterwurst. That’s a yolk, son… 🙂

  7. iDontNeedaUsernam Says:

    two people need a slap upside the head >=D

  8. delineated Says:

    that salmon looks amazing…yuuuuuuuuuummmmmm

  9. slikermanjuancruz Says:

    @ChreesCheung , lol nooo jajaja i’m not so lazy, i’m from a spanish speaking country and i didn’t know how to spell those words sorry

  10. ChreesCheung Says:

    @slikermanjuancruz I actually respected your response until you required the use of retarded insults like “twat” and you spelt “peripheral” and “cytosolic” wrong. Did you just google wikipedia and copy paste or something?

  11. hilahcooking Says:

    Holy mackerel! What a brilliant idea. I have thousands of these in my garden!

  12. akaboudian Says:

    It’s like science or something =)))

  13. theoniongurl21 Says:

    butter sausage…

  14. TheBigEyedBunny Says:

    do vid where u eat Fish

  15. tulipbaby53 Says:

    Thanks for the idea. I think I’m going to go take some from my neighbor now! LOL. Just kidding!!

  16. suraah Says:

    wow, it looks great, thanks!

  17. tahoe350 Says:

    What kind of flowers would he eat? I am really curious.

  18. marimo1314 Says:

    Please do not waste the nectar of the nasturtium flower!!!it is sweet as honey/syrup.
    just simply bite off the flower tapered end (not the stem) of the nasturtium flower, just suck the nectar out. it is the best part of the flower. Enjoy! i wish chef john would make a video of this. love his videos btw!!! =)

  19. japaneseaggression Says:

    @HollyTheFireNinja butter has cream in it. cream has water in it.

  20. CrustyBiker Says:

    I used to eat the leaves when I worked in a Garden Centre lol and marigold flowers…

  21. zombiesonar Says:

    My grandfather used to eat the leaves in sandwiches with just butter.

  22. chil182 Says:


  23. NobbyKNobbs Says:

    Awesome. My neighbor has tons of nasturtiums. *plans midnight raid*

    Just kidding!

  24. Antiks72 Says:

    mmmm critters are protein though.

  25. leftyla Says:

    @slikermanjuancruz @ChreesCheung Would you two bitches put your penises away?! I’m trying to learn how to make nasturtium butter here. 😛


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