Food Wishes Recipes – How to Slice a Ripe Peach – Random Kitchen Scenes

Posted on 18 July 2012 by admin     

Learn How to Slice a Ripe Peach! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. Enjoy!

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  1. SanguineSteel Says:

    Boy this would be great if? I had a peach cutting fetish….

  2. orlendatube Says:

    Man knives scare me silly-but then again, i am visually impaired. i have no idea hwo? to cope with that other than to have someone else do knifework….i feel so helpless when i cant do things myself though

  3. campoclaire Says:

    Thanks for this? information, on how to slice properly.

  4. ashlythiele Says:

    thanks for the tip ..? =)

  5. turdy18 Says:

    omygod you make it look so? effortless <3 you Chef John

  6. Kiwiims Says:

    Hahhaa I thought it? said “How to slice rape peach”

  7. saysarahhx Says:

    i wish i had? you as my personal chef :3 LOL. <3

  8. nickylovespie Says:

    that looks sooooo? gooood.. especially in slow-mo LOL

  9. ShiningSilverwind Says:

    it was a different? competition…

  10. animegirl3000 Says:

    That? is one sexy peach.

  11. tatianaedwards Says:

    More vegetarian, please! A lentil? dish, perhaps?

  12. psychonavigator Says:

    Hey Chef, ever think about doing a segment on your utensils, knives, cookware, etc? I’d love a good breakdown on what? knifes you recommend for specific tasks and the differences between them.

  13. duckiela Says:

    That peach color is just beautiful?

  14. AndreaHatesHerName Says:

    haha after watching the peach brulee video i think youre? right!

  15. AmyLeesPetWookiee Says:

    I don’t know if you’re messing with me…maybe being philosophical… I don’t see it on their page though. It says that a woman won, and all the people are rioting at the seemingly obvious mishandling of the votes.

    Unless…you disguised yourself as an Indian woman, infiltrated FoodNetworkTV and won. Chef John, I knew you were clever but that is simply amazing. You even got? the feminine voice down pact!

  16. 5ethw5 Says:

    whats the music called????????

  17. clapikaairen Says:

    what about the core? how do you get rid of it without smushing? the meat (if the peach is the soft type)

  18. clapikaairen Says:

    what about the core? how do you get rid of it without smushing the meat? (if the peach is the soft type)

  19. Illmatic662 Says:

    ……..You? won?


  20. viczai Says:

    what if you had a peach? with a core… ahahahah.
    what’s the best way to cut that?

  21. xLeoTony Says:

    YOU WON???? O:
    Whats ur show called???

  22. Heckiheckipatanga Says:

    I don’t know, but watching your videos makes me feel all comfy and homelike! Congratulations for winning the contest, I voted for you like 50 times, though I don’t know whether? they counted it 50 times or just once per user… Good luck! 😀

  23. pmharl Says:

    23 and they were nothing but? bad lemons….