Food Wishes Recipes – New York Style Cheesecake Recipe – Sunshine Cheesecake Recipe

Posted on 27 October 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make New York Style Cheesecake Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this classic New York Style Cheesecake Recipe!

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  1. infamous985 Says:

    theres no cheese……why the beep is it called cheesecake

  2. ravelperez11 Says:

    @evonelle haha i love to watch this vid 🙂 when i get mah first job gonna make so muchhh cheesecake 🙂
    wish my parents werent so cheap :/

  3. evonelle Says:

    @ravelperez11 welcome to my world … so my invitation finally got to somebody to join me lol .. jk

  4. Beibyface Says:

    Could I use mascarpone for this ? 😀

  5. zimtower Says:

    I just made this cheesecake, took hours but tastes like heaven.

  6. diegoa142 Says:


  7. ravelperez11 Says:

    I want to eat!! but im broke 🙁

  8. jat5889 Says:

    why isnt it call cheesepie if it looks more like pie

  9. zebraxtygaahzxoxo Says:

    tappa tappa just sounds ridiculous xD

  10. T0ap Says:

    great, now im fu*king hungry and fridge empty -.-

  11. smnabil Says:

    My mouth is full with water, going to the sink…

  12. pulchritudinous7 Says:

    Mmmmmm!! Wow, I’m craving some cheesecake now… that did look simple to make (:

  13. Nam273 Says:

    Damn cooking magic!

  14. OMFGSayThisNameIs Says:

    The “old” tap-pa tap-pa, cause just tap-pa tap-pa sounds ridiculous. 😀

  15. trintylovehamsters Says:

    eeww sour cream lol

  16. no2religions Says:

    @foodwishes what is the cause of that “lip” around the outside edge? Is there a way to avoid that for presentation’s sake?

  17. cepatlah Says:

    Always love yr recipes and yr voice!

  18. MackenzieCutie550 Says:

    easy bake work with this

  19. mollysangelique Says:


  20. chezza79 Says:

    Great video – I’ve made a low fat Baileys cheesecake here and it’s still just as delicious watch?v=XHHhFNRv5IY

  21. princessanna57 Says:

    mmm cheesecake!!!

  22. Alivseven Says:

    ahh…!!i just ate my screen….

  23. ShErOnful Says:

    i just love to watch, even when its 2 in the morning.

  24. vivi028 Says:

    greaaaat voice

  25. anailelianacarbajal Says:

    Followed the exact recipe except I used more lemon and orange zest. My crust was the same texture after baked. It was crumbly and very thin and not very crusty. I thought that it was raw because it never turned golden on top but after 3 hours, it set in the oven. My dad couldn’t resist waiting a full night to try it and sliced it while still hot. I wasn’t surprised when he spit it out and said,”Eww it feels like flan, is this raw”?!!? That is why you’re at least supposed to let the cake chill a


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