Food Wishes Recipes – Savory Gorgonzola Bread Pudding Recipe – Gorgonzola Bread Side Dish Recipe

Posted on 05 January 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make a Savory Gorgonzola Bread Pudding recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Savory Gorgonzola Bread Pudding!

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  1. MissZillaable Says:

    @Jolockmon95 I don’t see why not. As long as it’s a somewhat pungent, soft cheese I think it would be fine.

  2. GastroAlchemist Says:

    Why no eggs? Im actually pretty stoked you didn’t use any, as Im thinking about making a leek bread pudding instead of stuffing for thanksgiving but I didn’t want it to be eggy and heavy, What was your motivation behind the eggless version?

  3. gurubhai01 Says:

    I wanna be in side-dish heaven!

  4. FlypaperGirl Says:

    hhaha you are fun – I would also accept cause you said so and I don’ know – that maid my day

  5. 69adrummer Says:

    Chef John, you owe me a treadmill! And a weight bench!!

  6. InSaneTK Says:

    Oh, for the love of god!! This channel drives me crazy. HUNGRY!!!!!!!111111

  7. NeoJimCat Says:


  8. diaryofjane7887 Says:

    oh my gog!! *yummy* 😀

  9. TheHellBound666 Says:

    I love bread pudding, we do it with raisin bread.

  10. Jolockmon95 Says:

    can u use a different type of cheese

  11. MySkullgirl Says:

    LOL “dont let someone get all the cheese” ur awesom chef john love your vids <3

  12. af4lazn Says:

    ur funny 🙂

  13. beatlejn Says:

    @foodwishes har har!

  14. sxystar41 Says:

    @AnnieNM06 where the hell do you go grocery shopping at ? The dollar store ???

  15. AnnieNM06 Says:

    @foodwishes Im unsubbing from you because of the sarah palin comment. just saying
    also who the hell has money for all that shit you cook? elitist asshole

  16. aseriousoffender Says:

    chef john, you are the reason why expensive and sophisticated dining exists in our kitchen.

  17. builtformurder Says:

    This guy cracks me up,” also known as distribute” hahahaha. Great sense of humor and great teacher!

  18. aimforcoffee Says:

    <3 to you chef john!! thanks for the yummy introduction.

  19. liarsclub75 Says:

    This was a big hit at my house.

  20. lemonpiehaslemon Says:

    I love you! (:

  21. kellyb4 Says:

    I like that almost as much as this bread pudding recipe.

  22. natew1990 Says:

    @foodwishes woohoo celebrity bashing. i would like to see chef john and sarah palin on celebrity deathmatch

  23. zetaroxos Says:

    i think …. when i finally die ill see u in heaven cooking for god or whith god xD

    u are so AMAZING!!!

  24. Macgregor17 Says:

    Hey Chef John, any other ideas for different cheeses to go in the bread pudding? Blue cheese is great, but do you have any recommendations to add a little variety to the dish?

  25. bskulldragon100 Says:

    @foodwishes hahaha WIN


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