Food Wishes Recipes – Spicy Sausage Ragu Pasta Sauce – Penne Pasta with Sausage Ragu Recipe

Posted on 16 March 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make a Spicy Sausage Ragu Pasta Sauce Recipe! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Penne Pasta with Sausage Ragu Recipe!

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  1. ShamusMacGuffin Says:

    I’ve made this ragu three times now and it’s always fabulous. Tonight I made it with fresh oregano instead of parsley and it was just as great. Thanks again, Chef John.

  2. mlgomen88 Says:

    in malta we use red wine for tomato pasta sauce. Personally i think it tastes a lot better :D… I’ll try this version with white win though, if chef john says so.

  3. Pasquletti Says:

    non si fa così il ragù italiano!

  4. xxlovexxlustxx Says:

    his voice make makes my life

  5. MrKillerrellik2008 Says:

    i prefer it without cheese, the cheese overpowers the taste

  6. xanthicize Says:

    I’m italian and this is pretty damn good.
    It’s pretty rare to find videos of people from the other side of the pond cooking good pasta sauce (especially with and ingredient with a large amount of aromatics inside it), but this is good.

    I didn’t get the wine choice though.

  7. anthonysitalianfood Says:

    Do not use red wine? That’s the first I ever heard that. I always use red wine when making the sauce. Interesting.

  8. moneydude1323 Says:

    first chef john video i ever saw

  9. Redline748 Says:

    I gotta say this has become a regular meal in my house due to it being so easy and tasty, I dont always get italian sausage and I dont know if you get the same sausages in the us like you can in the uk but there are so many kinds, our local butcher does these gourmet sossys and I simply add a bit of oregano, also with the sauce we got a lot of kinds too I like the seeds of change brand and theres a roasted chillie and garlic tomato sause goes an absolute treat with it, anyway big thanks John

  10. mikenike504 Says:

    @tripezy It’s a liquid’s (here, the sauce) ability to be suck up into a thin tube (here, the penne) or paper due to molecular interaction.

  11. 7kurosawa7 Says:

    missing the celery, carrots, onion and olive oil!!

  12. enburst Says:

    hey so does anyone know around how much this makes? im looking at feeding 6 people so if anyone has made this it would be great to know what you think?

  13. Masterchickens Says:

    I’m making this for my Christmas dinner. I suck at cooking, but I’m looking forward to it all the same.

  14. IIIlIIlllI Says:

    why must it be simmered for 1 hour?

  15. tripezy Says:

    so what’s the capillary action? im 32, not sure if my 5th grade teacher’s still alive.

  16. TiedLaces Says:

    @plate326 If you cook the wine, you remove the alcoholic content of it – never got close to drunk off ragu!

  17. Alsaba03 Says:

    @1337EricOMG he obviously fill the empty tomato sauce jar with water… 🙂
    (to not waist any tomato sauce..)

  18. TheJen147 Says:

    just keep cooking, just keep cooking,,,Dory….i luv Mr. Johns recipes…the BOMB

  19. supercooled Says:

    looks amazing John. On behalf of all culinary challenged hungry folks, we salute you.

  20. mryungtalentedDJQ8 Says:

    ok we get it white wine lmao =D

    This guy rocks

  21. 1337EricOMG Says:

    definately not water at 1:43

  22. willyham72 Says:

    this guy is funny he reminds me of that guy out ghost busters

  23. BrianEaZy Says:

    i would not call this dish hearty ! LOL but def. YUMMMMYYYY

    My fav dish !

  24. Quillons1 Says:

    @foodwishes Hi John. I’ve been cooking Italian food as taught to me by my grandmothers my whole life. My question is, why white wine? I make a lot of different tomato sauces and often use red wine. I’m not being critical, I’m asking in case I’ve been missing something all this time. Thanks!

  25. Tyrian3 Says:

    I’m Italian and I love to cook therefore I’m usually pretty harsh when it comes to foreign cooks making Italian recipes (because they often don’t use the correct ingredients or ignore the original techniques) but Foodwishes is the best I’ve ever seen!These guys surely know their stuff well 🙂 kudos and buon appetito!


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