Food Wishes Recipes – The Summer of You! Foodwishes First Contest Ever! In Honor of YouTube’s New Moderator Feature

Posted on 01 March 2011 by admin     

What fabulous summer recipe would you like to see me make, and why?! Submit your video or text request and your fellow foodwisher’s will decide! Let’s go, What are you waiting for? Visit to get more info, and watch over 350 free video recipes.

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  1. xEmilyCyhogx Says:

    I want his kitchen O.O

  2. StrawberryTablet Says:

    @Juniorwazhomeless My favourite comment of the year.

  3. Malutoros Says:

    I love when he says “ENJOY” 🙂

  4. agnesdeque Says:

    Super cuisiner!

  5. hlimkb Says:

    should be on tv?
    expert chef

  6. DataCollaborate Says:

    I found him really cool …he one of ffew sympathic Cooks ..well i like his Grilled stuff and almost every other recipe (mostly Chickenwings) ..

  7. BeautifulxMeadow Says:

    chef john do you have a hair net for your mustache O_O

  8. angelopankratzdks Says:

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  12. semwee Says:

    CHEF JOHN!!!!! thank you very much** for all ur efforts!!!

  13. semwee Says:

    CHEF JOHN!!!!! thank you very mush for all ur efforts!!!

  14. jimotazertaki Says:

    Try Asian women ****

  15. pingeepong Says:

    MY name is Geroge 😀
    This is a George summer?!?!?!

  16. camius1 Says:

    the man, the legend…chef john!!!

  17. satrestudios Says:


    Das hat der Sommer nun wirklich nicht verdient.

  18. saguire Says:

    the summer of george, ah good sweet memories of the 90s

  19. doubleagfx Says:

    Somebody’s a seinfeld fan 😉

  20. markpianoman Says:

    @hamzaman123 I think he look Italian….

  21. johnnyboything Says:

    Hello Chef John. I’m assuming I a bit late as far as the contests goes but I do have a summer food wish. My father( who has been gone a long time now) used to make the delicious macaroni dish with shrimp. From what I remember is the ingredients consisted of elbow or small shell macaroni, celery, pimento,black olives,onion,salad shrimp,mayo,oil,vinegar,salt,pepper,garlic and maybe some cheese. So simple but oh so good. Hope you can find time to try to recreate this dish as I remember.Thank you

  22. Mimepeople Says:

    i like food 🙂

  23. blahbutt23 Says:

    i would love too see your version of a Tuna Sandwich please grant my fish mayo craving!

  24. babbeltje5678 Says:

    Sweet cocktail without alcohol

  25. DreeLulu Says:

    I missed out on the contest but I got to see your face and when I closed my eyes you sound just like you..LOL…These are great prizes!! Will be there next year!


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