Food Wishes Recipes – Tortilla Chorizo Scramble Recipe – Whole Wheat Tortilla Chorizo Scramble

Posted on 20 January 2011 by admin     

Learn how to make Whole Wheat Tortilla Chorizo Scramble! Visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Tortilla Chorizo Scramble Recipe!

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  1. lordmagicpants Says:

    -High fiber tortillas
    -Spicy chorizo sausage
    -Runny eggs

    This dish is gonna make you shit.

  2. DrKlebsiella Says:

    Simple Food Porn 😛

  3. tormentor87 Says:

    thumbs up if you hate ikea by now! lol

  4. Giggity230 Says:

    that breaky looks awesome to me

  5. TheJen147 Says:

    i want it to be morning to eat this for breakfast 🙂

  6. ThePastryDiva Says:

    you could’ve crisped them in the oven too. I’ve been using Chorizo for my Home made Homefries , beans and my Rice and Pidgeon peas. I’ve been replacing the Vienna sausage in the rice with the Chorizo.

  7. Queencess11223 Says:


  8. XTheXDrumerX Says:

    @laytf7 Chouriço 😛

  9. XTheXDrumerX Says:

    Spanish??? Its Portuguese!!!! I watched every single video!!! AND NOW YOU DO THIS??? HOW COULD YOU!!!

  10. IndeedFtw Says:

    heck yes dude migas is awesome

  11. xoxobaby03 Says:

    portuguese sausage actually…

  12. gpnmxtx Says:

    Can you substitute Pepper Jack?

  13. laytf7 Says:

    In Texas (esp. Austin), this dish is known as migas. I love migas! You could cook some diced onion and jalapeno with the chorizo and tortillas, and top with cilantro instead of chives. 🙂 Also, I usually do monterey jack cheese and freshly made corn tortillas. It’s so good! For breakfast without the oil you could always do everything but the tortilla strips and then serve it in a tortilla (I know you said you didn’t like the taste, but maybe other people could do this).

  14. Nur8Nurani Says:

    can i do this with pepperoni chef?

  15. 911no Says:

    Do something with wild boar, we have tons of wild pigs down here in south texas and I want to try something different with it…. Have any suggestions?

  16. musefeverfever Says:

    what do you look like?

  17. TSILO2 Says:

    chef john can you make some food from georgian kitchen ???

  18. iloveflavor Says:

    Man, I LOVE me some chorizo…you can also get the softer chorizo (from a tube) which is delicious in everything!

  19. chickensaurusrex711 Says:

    damn i thought those tortilla things were slices of meat 🙁

  20. juffurey Says:

    which part is reduced in fat again? cheese, chorizo, lol. that might be good with some fresh guac n salsa as well, it would be like eating a breakfast burrito with a knife and fork

  21. stianlundb Says:

    you make me fat! (:

  22. JDBlessin Says:

    @LigerZero1985 Learn how to scramble an egg my man. Takes like 7 minutes.

  23. NinaAngelix Says:

    You know, in a northern desert part of Mexico in the great state of Chihuahua, where I grew up, my grandmother used to do this dish and called it “migas”, which translates to crumbles. Except we used Menonite Chihuahua style cheese (excuse me why I clean off my drool), and really fatty mexican chorizo (drool again). She would cook the chorizo and then toast the smaller cut tortillas in the fat, then put the eggs in and the shredded cheese… Oh joy of my childhood summer days at the ranch!

  24. 0yashamaru0Return Says:

    why would you beat up those poor eggs? 🙁

  25. midnightmistress8675 Says:

    i’m really glad that YOU as a chef see that those high fiber tortillas are gross.


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