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Frasier – Gertrude Moon and the halloween

Posted on 17 January 2011 by admin     

Frasier – Gertrude Moon and the halloween

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  1. Morty2264 Says:

    @kyuubei Yes, that line is genius!

  2. Morty2264 Says:

    What a genius subplot! 😀

  3. MrPilot1966 Says:

    Gertrude Moon is really Millicent martin my 2nd cousin.

  4. olinkour2121 Says:

    We can offer you a hotel soaps :D:D:D:D

  5. Zwartekaka Says:

    Yeah, gangsta huh? 😀

  6. Zwartekaka Says:

    You call that a fight? 🙂

  7. miyazakifan89 Says:

    Tales from the Crypt season 10

  8. fudgiekinzx3 Says:

    what is this episode called? where is it from?

  9. Balthiersgal Says:

    Gertrude is really funny!!!!
    Btw, what episode is this called?

  10. psychokitty93 Says:

    Gertrude is AWESOME!! 🙂

  11. kyuubei Says:

    LOL “I require cocoa.”

  12. SgtDribbleboots Says:

    Gertrude Moon is the coolest Grandma!

  13. RamonaSolares Says:

    OMG the peeing baby doll!!! I love Gertrude!!!

  14. Iscanniya Says:

    its so funny! i like gertrude moon so much!

  15. wolfdreamer3 Says:

    rofl! this scene is so funny!

  16. readchomsky Says:

    Squash goggles?

  17. rikarduk Says:

    if any1 knows a good splitter program, please, email me! i have to mark around 5sec later where i want but sometimes is more 🙁


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