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Fry Bread – Navajo Taco’s Fry Bread Recipe

Posted on 07 July 2011 by admin     

Fry bread is delicious and easy to make. Navajo Taco’s are a Southwestern fry bread taco. This indian fry bread recipe is a great all year round recipe. If you have never been to an Indian swap meet and this is where I learned to make this dish then don’t worry……watch this video and learn how to make Navajo Taco’s….Indian fry bread taco’s today! Please visit my blog Today! http

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  1. MrEZCooking Says:

    @MrJingjong Hi Jay! Yeah I just love fry bread. The next time I am going to make them much bigger and easier to fold. When I got to Albuquerque I was a lean 152 from college wrestling and when I left I was a lean 211bls from all the foods made with manteca and other native dishes. Took a year to lose the weight, but I still love fry bread! Thanks for stopping by…..much appreciated!

  2. MrJingjong Says:

    Very similar to the bannock recipe i posted back at xmas. Great job.

  3. MrEZCooking Says:

    @StrathmoreRdStudios Thanks Strathmore, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by! By the way how is the fish?

  4. StrathmoreRdStudios Says:

    Another quality vid Richard, Love the story behind each meal, you know your shit.


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