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General Tso Chicken Recipe : Stir Frying a General Tso Chicken

Posted on 16 October 2010 by admin     

How to stir fry all of the ingredients for making General Tso Chicken; learn more about making Chinese food in this free cooking video. Expert: Hiu Yau Bio: Hiu Yau has been a home chef and occasional caterer for more than eight years. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and is familiar with Chinese cuisine, especially Southern Chinese dishes. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

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  1. sa3odiii Says:

    yum yum

  2. albertogaytan2003 Says:

    @fleebus090 … it’s a wok… you must burn the wok with oil to make it nonstick

  3. navyavi469 Says:

    Tiel, you’ve about ruined that stove, I hope thats not an apartment. You need to buy a dedicated electric wok burner so you don’t ruin your stove with a wok ring.

  4. janibuby Says:


  5. johnosandra Says:

    shitty wok
    u want the shiitty beef
    u want shitty king prawn?u want two shiitty king prawn?

  6. HerrtutorialUpload Says:

    I heard we add some Cocaine Oil lol

  7. rdean150 Says:

    I’m guessing this is just one part of a series. If you want to know the other steps, just look at the other General Tso’s videos by expert village. It’s the same guy. It’s a process, split into multiple steps. Just like a REGULAR RECIPE. They just put the different steps into different videos, so people with slow connections can watch them. People seem to be really annoyed by it, but they split them up like this for a good reason.

  8. ProbusO Says:

    hos is the sauce made?

  9. stoole13 Says:

    whats a dry shitty pepper?

  10. Luckyrob72 Says:

    I love General Tso’s…..I counted how many ive eaten. Over 345 now. everyone who knows me knows i LOVE it lol <3

  11. deussolinvictus Says:

    Umm… that just means that the metal wok is seasoned.

  12. jonnyboulanger Says:

    looks good tho

  13. solidkevinx Says:

    lol the comments are hilarious! And LOL @ this video, I mean way to show how to make the sauce, chicken etc….FAIL.

  14. charliethegent Says:

    WHAT SAUCE ASSHOLES!!! Expert village blows dogs for quarters.

  15. savagexable Says:

    what kind of chicken is that?

  16. mumbaki09 Says:

    what is the ingredients of the sauce you make??

  17. fleebus090 Says:

    having a pan that hasnt been washed in 20 years is crucial.

  18. tmeng87 Says:

    this is hilarious i have to say lol

  19. bevhills03 Says:

    He said wisk the sauce first!!!

  20. PrescriptionSeven Says:

    wtf is this..? how and what do i do to make that chicken, and what sauce???? fuck expert village, im the expert ..

  21. hotwheelguy4 Says:

    expert village sux so much in everything, they just talk about whatever they are doing, not how to do it…… THE sauce, THE peppers, test heat with hand??? EV sux too much

  22. allannette Says:

    So this are the “EXPERTS” from expert village…

    Oh my…

  23. SilverChamber07 Says:


  24. IamtheGrynch Says:

    Even though it’s a wicked pain in the ass to try and find everything, this is a REALLY good recipe. It’s better than Itkman’s and vahchef’s. At least, I think so. The only problem with this one is that he doesn’t add any spice to it, but how tough is that to do?

  25. liuzhou Says:

    Village Idiot, more like.


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