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Gin, how it should be drunk

Posted on 27 December 2010 by admin     

We all enjoyed the video on American whiskey at: Here is my take on Gin. This wonderful beverage, which in England used to be called jenever, is for me one of the great consolations of life, longer lasting and a great deal less messy or complicated than sex, and yet an acceptable way to end up on the floor with quite respectable friends! If you want to know more about Gin, read ‘Classic Gin’ by Geraldine Coates, published by Prion Books Limited. As the evening of my life draws on, gin remains a ready joy. And don’t mind Hogarth’s famous picture! [If you don’t know what that refers to, Google ‘Gin Lane’ and Hogarth] Cheers!

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  1. theknightlynews Says:

    I enjoy gin, but I make my drinks very weak and only one per day max. If I made them that strong, that large, and drank as much as I’d like to, my hand would shake like yours at 3:28.

  2. empacae Says:

    Cheers. But I’m a Martini drinker (Gin not vodka). Tom Coolins are nice in the summer too. And I usually switch up to whisky in the winter.

  3. tenneral Says:

    @cupofjoe29 You’re right. Only gun-slingers in Wild West saloons throw back their whiskey neat. Gin usually goes well with tonic, whisky (however you like to spell it) with water or tonic water. Neat spirits are an acquired taste – one that no needs to acquire, as they taste much better with the usual additions.

  4. cupofjoe29 Says:

    I realize I am going to get mocked and jeered for this question but I am going to ask it anyway. I have always drank beer and wine and not a lot of liquor such as gin and scotch. However, I have done my research and want to know and taste more liquors such as gin and scotch, but I find drinking them straight or with ice to be too strong and frankly not tasty. Is there something I should be doing different, or is this the case of drink more till it tastes good? Thank you for the help.

  5. JeffyPDiddy Says:

    at last a gentlemen talking about gin i aggre plymouth is the best by far

  6. RelaxGodfolk Says:

    Perfect, indeed! I love gin, love Plymouth, but it is quite hard to get around my parts. Thanks for the video!

  7. canals22 Says:

    Thanks ! Very good, I just got my first bottle of “Ol’ Ladys” I plan to drink while building a flying model of a Spitfire, ere in Finistère, Bretagne.
    I seem to remember that my Granny had it straight in a very small christal glass (?)
    The only way to drink it is cold and with tonic ?
    Many thanks.

  8. vosogo Says:

    I shall post a video of this soon, but being somewhat of a penny-pincher, I often find that I need to ration my gin. One drink I’m rather fond of I called “Bloody testicles:” It’s comprised of one ounce gin, 4 ounces blood orange juice, two ice cubes and two maraschino cherries. it may seem a bit bawdy of a name, but it’s quite nice as a breakfast drink.

    As for gin and tonic, I tried Plymouth and found it excellent, thank you for the recommendation!

  9. tenneral Says:

    Possibly – all a matter of taste. But frankly you can’t go wrong with John Jameson – affordable and extremely tasty. Cheers!

  10. venividibitchy Says:

    If I like Jameson, might I like Glenlivet? I’m new to whiskey.

  11. googlejoint Says:

    I’m a little younger than a Glenfiddich 30yo, and whisky is the most appreciated spirit for me. It has to be said that the Japanese distillery Nikka makes some truly extraordinary drams to rival many great Scottish ones (although not the Glenfarclas 15yo by a long shot).

    I’m no expert on gins but I thoroughly enjoyed the Distiller’s Cut version of Gordon’s, and (I’ll get thumbs down for this) currently Hendrick’s gin is a wonderful drink, either on ice, with tonic or, I dare say, in a Martini.

  12. Asciarius Says:

    Thanks for that, reminded me of a very pleasant afternoon visiting the distillery in Plymouth.
    I agree about the lemon, but what about limes? Am I wrong to use lime, or is it simply a matter of personal taste?

  13. tenneral Says:

    Cheers! I am enjoying some Tanquery by coincidence as I type this!

  14. venividibitchy Says:

    I find gin to be unlike any other spirit in that 99% of what’s out there is palatable and even good, if you’re mixing it.

    Seagram’s is affordable and great with juice. If that’s too juniper-y for you, then try New Amsterdam. Both available for under $12.

  15. venividibitchy Says:

    I really like New Amsterdam, as well, but I think it’d get lost in a G&T. It’s more of an on-the-rocks gin to me.

  16. venividibitchy Says:

    Bombay Sapphire is overrated. The botanicals are muddled.

    It’s gin for those who do not like gin.

  17. venividibitchy Says:

    LOL, your method is about as precise as mine.

    Only I never compensate for different-sized glasses, and two-fingers easily become three over the course of the night.

  18. venividibitchy Says:

    Since I saw this video about a year ago, I’ve grown quite acquainted with gin. It has quickly become my favorite spirit.

    I still need to try Plymouth (and tonic), though.

    I hate to admit I favor Seagram’s over Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray for a gin & juice, and prefer New Amsterdam for an on-the-rocks serving.

  19. bald33sh Says:

    I rarely comment on youtube but Plymouth is the very best gin, you will get the best locally but if you see it anywhere then you really should buy it if gin is your thing 😉


  20. ubergossen Says:

    Awesome. I’m gonna have to look for that in the LCBO

  21. KemaTheAtheist Says:

    I’m not much of a gin drinker, though I enjoy it now and again. I was very glad to see the scotch. My family is very big into scotch… we even spend the money for the gold or blue label JW at holiday time.

    If you haven’t had the blue label, I highly recommend getting some at least once. It’s one of the smoothest drinks I’ve ever had. It’s once of the few times where you can tell the difference by paying the extra money.

  22. 99tollap Says:

    What do you think of sloe gin? I have to say, I much prefer it.

  23. N7COF Says:

    Great video, I live in the US so haven’t tried Plymouth but have been very fond of Bombay Sapphire for decades.

    Well of to the store to get some tonic for a proper drink tonight.


  24. yoyomike16 Says:

    I love this video.. such a motivator…

  25. tenneral Says:



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