Good Eats S13E4P1 – American Classics: Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

Posted on 20 March 2012 by admin     

Good Eats : American Classics: Spaghetti With Meat Sauce. Alton Brown shows how to make a cuisine that is more American dispite it’s Italian roots.

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  1. riceball23 Says:

    lol i’ve watched these videos in? reverse. It’s like he’s getting fatter x)

  2. 321321123213 Says:

    Thumbs up if when? the which showed up you stopped paying attention to what Alton said XD

  3. miller434 Says:

    can we get twice as? much good eats, and you can keep your programs with bobby flay?

  4. MaxxTheMerciless Says:

    @MaxxTheMerciless My bad…I? meant Italian Sausage.

  5. MaxxTheMerciless Says:

    I don’t put mushrooms in my sauce. There’s no need for fecal-growth in my sauce. Nope, I substitute with pork? sausage. Works quite nicely.

  6. iAMtekey Says:

    “then just, smack the bujjeebers out? of it”

  7. iAMtekey Says:

    i? love this show

  8. Arkenarge Says:

    love the theme? version during the beginning of the video.

  9. f0reverdirt Says:

    I’d do the witch.. Just? sayin’…

  10. caparole Says:

    I usually don’t eat meat, but if this butcher is gonna give it to me…? oh well!

  11. xtw1tch3s Says:

    that is a? sexy butcher.

  12. guitargurl37 Says:

    spagetti isnt gonna disappear? like the doodoo in my house, its my favorite food ^-^

  13. InDeAskY1 Says:

    @Jcolinsol Unfortunately, I don’t know? what wabi sabi means. I’m getting old.

  14. Jcolinsol Says:


    wabi sabi,? m’lady

  15. InDeAskY1 Says:

    @Jcolinsol Too late. I’m already a Type A perfectionist with ADHD long before I knew Alton. I don’t think he’s uptight. Though, I’ve gotten better.? I don’t mind the ADHD as much, but the perfectionism does get stressful.

  16. Jcolinsol Says:


    Oh, it’s just because Alton seems like such an uptight materialist creep. It’s cool if you wanna do that stuff, it’s just I’d hate to see someone get as obsessive? compulsive as he is.

  17. InDeAskY1 Says:

    @Jcolinsol And why would that be ‘eew’? I’m a female and I love the? science behind food and why it reacts the way it does to different preparations. I still stand behind my statement. I love molecular gastronomy and watching Alton make Liquid Nitrogen avacado ice cream and Carbon Dioxide smoothies.

  18. InDeAskY1 Says:

    @TimTheReaper Actually, the Chinese invented the noodles but the Italians threw in the red sauce. But? Good Eats is an awesome show and Alton’s food is the best.

  19. TheSanctionedhope Says:

    why do people even acknowledge trolls, I wonder. Ignore them and they? shall perish mwaha! jk. Anyways, Good Eats Rocks!

  20. Jcolinsol Says:



  21. klined Says:

    Every single card said? spaghetti and meat sauce btw

  22. InDeAskY1 Says:

    @bloodmuffin1 I’ve told people that I want to be the female version of Alton Brown.?

  23. bloodmuffin1 Says:

    @InDeAskY1 i love the italian language. one day? i’m gonna teach it :] maybe alton and i can converse one day.

  24. mr13579100 Says:

    HE SPEAKS FRENCH!i need a? lesson

  25. GrenMoyo Says:

    kimchi pierogies….hmm…i think that? actually sounds good ^^


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