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Grilled Bacon Cheeseburgers by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 03 June 2012 by admin     

thick slices of fried bacon piled high on a fresh ground chuck cheese burger that was seared and grilled over the coals is just about as good as good eating gets at the Pit, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys!

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  1. CadillacL Says:

    How can you go wrong? w/abacon cheese-burger! 🙂

  2. ed563 Says:

    the music at 4:00 really stepped up the video?

  3. nancydrew5 Says:

    This looks amazing. I would have drained? that bacon though. After it cooked, I would have taken it out of the skillet and placed it on a paper towel instead of leaving the bacon soaking in the grease. Other than that, Man this is some good eating!

  4. TheBillproject Says:

    Only thing better than this is having a? perty lady sharing the meal with you 😉

  5. espyoshi Says:

    No such thing as too much whiskey.?

  6. xxeternalxx Says:

    Hey guys – any chance of you ever doing skirt steak for fajitas or some such? Also, you’ve inspired the purchase of many a Weber kettle around the world, would you consider making a video detailing proper vent use/temp? control for longer cooks etc? It would be much appreciated!

  7. BarbecueWeb Says:

    you? could inject and let it sit, but it’s a bit of overkill. Remember, too much marinating will mask the flavor of any meat. The taste of bbq turkey, with a little rub/injection, and a little smoke will stand on its own.

  8. ptx89 Says:

    Oh why do I? always end up on these videos when I’m starving ;_;

  9. benz254 Says:

    Man i can’t believe some of the douche bags you guys have to deal with on here. People need to show more respect for the pit master! im goin to be tryin to? make the cajun turkey recipe here in the next few days. Do you think it would be worth tryin to inject the turkey and let it marinate like that for 2 or 3 days? And maybe even puttin the rub on there and lettin it sit too? Thanks for your time.

  10. LesnarNextBigThingF5 Says:

    whered u get lil? wayne from

  11. krakmxer Says:

    hey? pal lil wayne is a pussy just like you.

  12. TheLordsOfGamecraft Says:

    You are awesome ! :D?

  13. TheLordsOfGamecraft Says:

    LOL? he called you a pussy XD

  14. LesnarNextBigThingF5 Says:

    is? that a challenge

  15. BarbecueWeb Says:

    get yourself one of our Hell Burgers.! Google it…? Hey lesnar, stop by our Pit some time and we’ll see who’s pussy..! lmao

  16. BarbecueWeb Says:

    shot this vid in 2009 for the Western Channel…!? They wanted a real? “kick-back” vid..John Wayne was supposed to narrate but for some reason he never showed up. So this is what we ended up with…Bacon Cheeseburgers and a bit too much whiskey..!

  17. LesnarNextBigThingF5 Says:

    those burgers are tiny, you guys are pussies?

  18. ying111111111 Says:

    Why du? sound dead???? Whenever i watch these vids i get so hyper and eat my monitor lol

  19. BarbecueWeb Says:

    and we appreciate? that you’ve got our backs..! -BBQ Pit Boys

  20. semplespacemodule Says:

    I enjoy? just signing in to like 10 or so of your videos. Lifetime fan you guys :))))

  21. Yourmamagottabigass Says:

    Guys seriously you’re my fucking bbq-idols i could? watch your vid’s all day long! Greets from your #1 austrian fan! 🙂

  22. vvbn7890 Says:

    Heart attack waiting to happen, but at least you’ll die happy.?

  23. florastacey9229 Says:

    waddup wit? da porn music at da end?

  24. david99449 Says:

    Simple? and delicious

  25. MrGreatestfreakoutev Says:

    all the? mcdonald frenchise over the world should watch this video and learn a lesson


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