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Grilled Brick Oven style Pizza by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 19 June 2011 by admin     

No Brick Oven style Pizza restaurants around where you live? Do you miss that unique flavor and crust only high temperature dry heat and brick ovens can make? Watch the BBQ Pit Boys make an authentic Old Time Brick Oven Pizza, just like the famous Pizza Houses in New York and New Haven. It’s easy to do with a few bricks, your charcoal grill, and some simple tips! You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at www.BBQ Pit —

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  1. Lynn0leb Says:

    that look like anything but pizza.. get some oregano or basil and a good homemade sauce and make it a bit thinner or else call it somthing else than pizza

  2. ThePhallystorm Says:

    36 people have Dead tastbud tongues, and cannot swallow this great recipe

  3. indoom666 Says:

    @goodfoodgoodpeople Sigh, cant talk to children these days 🙂

  4. goodfoodgoodpeople Says:

    @indoom666 I know 666 I thought of that after I posted…L…..O….LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  5. indoom666 Says:

    @goodfoodgoodpeople Please tell me.. WHY wouldnt you.

  6. indoom666 Says:

    @ElPasoTV uhh? did you just tell somone to get a life and that they are a pussy because they are a vegan? you are immature, friend. I suggest you grow up. Oh yeah. i eat meat too 😉

  7. TheGenesisfan93 Says:

    I wonder if places in Italy still make pizza with a brick oven.

  8. Tomahawk7670 Says:

    i love this old style pizza and that guy is funny and i like the way he did the pizzas

  9. howufigure8592 Says:

    good video

  10. goodfoodgoodpeople Says:

    Can’t wait to make this! Just one question….should I clean the bricks real good before hand so I don’t bite into dirt? I don’t know…Thanks (:

  11. stickandrun Says:

    omg im hungry

  12. 2VetsBBQ Says:

    I just bought a “Stok” brand grill. It comes with a pizza stone and a removable center in the cast iron grate so you can cook with a griddle, wok, Veggie basket or grill. AWESOME pizza!!

  13. TheCropsyManiac Says:

    Im hungry as FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. shine1257 Says:

    Oh It’s look dilicious

  15. LazarusEinstein Says:

    Sounds like Sam Elliot talking to “The Dude.”

  16. breckandy Says:

    One of the best vids.
    You alone are respnsible for me putting on 25 pounds.

    Keep em coming and stay well.

  17. AddictionToTrance Says:

    lol i love how he says “good”

  18. cjhhausmann Says:

    @Gatesnake81 Yes I want some too. Got my Weber just yesterday and I definitively will try THIS out!

  19. Ajaruldoss Says:

    I did your country style grilled chicken dry rub and that’s all my family uses and it is good with BBQ sauce n without so it’s really good both ways

  20. swinevomit666 Says:


  21. TheWolfpack666 Says:

    @danielkukla I agree, your video is much better!! Oh wait… nevermind, you’re the one that fucking sucks, moron!

  22. danielkukla Says:

    i am a fan of all other videos, but this pizza sucks….

  23. lovegrayskies Says:

    redneck pizza!

  24. Ibringthetruth1 Says:

    looks more like bread than pizza

  25. EdwarDixie Says:

    @greeneye118 It’s a sin to eat and enjoy life?? are you for real?!?


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