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Grilled Cheeseburgers by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 14 February 2011 by admin     

Beef Chuck Hamburgers covered with Melted Cheese on sliced white bread and served hot off the grill like the old-time diner way is easy to do, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. mrpicky510 Says:

    Shit, now I gotta go get me a cheeseburger

  2. rocketdog150 Says:

    where did you brought your knife from and what kind of knife is it

  3. ourbrokenwalls Says:

    Got a bbq coming up tomorrow…where better to find recipes?


    @JonusDking LOL

  5. Jeedawg Says:

    @imsljr420 fail… he says why on the top comment. Learn to read information related to videos you watch.

  6. yyanri Says:

    The inserted sizzling sound effects have won me over!

  7. TheTinywhitedove Says:

    Last night I bbq’ued your chicken and tonight it is your burgers!! I love this place!

    Amy H.

  8. TheTinywhitedove Says:

    The bbq chicken you showed me how to make last night was so good I’m doing these burgers tonight! Tomorrow I’ll be back for steaks guys!!! I love this place!!!! Thanks for sharing guys!

    Amy H.

  9. ItsMeItsOlive Says:

    Don’t salt meat before cooking! It shrinks it!

  10. imsljr420 Says:

    they 4got something…..the thumbs up

  11. Eagle971 Says:

    Almost looked like potato bread

  12. imsljr420 Says:

    why are they using toasted sandwich bread instead of hamburger buns?

  13. losangeleskid86 Says:

    im hungry

  14. manuel8200 Says:


  15. xraidedlok Says:

    you watch too much tv and movies

  16. 7947chris Says:

    all the butchers in odessa tx r lazy

  17. d0de12346 Says:

    <:o My stomach is growling.

  18. 123rusmir222 Says:

    whats is the black dude doing there its southern kk member making cheeseburger

  20. ElPasoTV Says:

    every diner, white castle, bar, lunch counter, and dive served up these classic cheese burgers using processed milk cheese. These boys stuck to the original and even used white sandwich bread just like “back when”!

  21. obliviousdreamer Says:

    everything this guy does is PERFECT. except for the use of processed cheese singles. A true burger connoisseur uses real cheese.

  22. wittenbergdoor Says:

    barbeque shoes?

  23. 1HeartnSoul Says:

    Lmao I was anticipating that the whole time I was watching the video, however, it never happend.
    If it did it would’ve been hilarious lol

  24. esco82 Says:


  25. C0mmanderEddingt0n Says:

    I didnt see anything awkward there. Just two hungry guys tucking into some tasty burgers.

  26. mrsbudak Says:



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