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Grilled Pan Steak Barbecue Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 07 February 2011 by admin     

Recently divorced? Then put an Ace up your sleeve. Check out this Barbeque Beef Pan Steak recipe done in one of the ex’s fancy fry pan by the BBQ Pit Boys!

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  1. EeRocKK Says:

    @superchiku That’s an actual butcher knife, although that would pass for hacking through brush!

  2. wduty Says:

    Why to laid down gently the knife when u can do this 2:12

  3. BreakfastBentoBox Says:

    @superchiku Please, everything, up to and including, the introduction of “the meat”, is like a slow intro to a gay porn vid.

  4. sateshmizrko Says:

    Burn to it fucking ground, great vid old ones but the winds of change a re blowing, and i am a fortunate son that will change the face of history forever.

  5. lurchthing Says:

    @hyperhunk90 you got to save money somewere…lol

  6. DragonLord631 Says:

    aw look at that steak.
    It looks GOOD !

  7. justinrockhold Says:

    jack daniels busch and menthols?

  8. XnotachanceX Says:

    Another great vid. Just can’t go wrong with good, simple, honest food.


    How simple can it get LOL


    How simple can it get and not much washing up 🙂


    How simple can it get LOVE IT

  12. chainlinkdreams Says:

    newports really, I figured you guys as like a camel non-filter!

  13. bbqbruno Says:


  14. ElPasoTV Says:

    and cheap women, hyperhunk90…!! rofl

  15. hyperhunk90 Says:

    good whisky and cheap beer

  16. beetlekill123 Says:

    Great. Best cooking videos. and a bonus, a friend consoling his bro with a cookout on the bitches fancy pan. love your show guys.

  17. izzystdln Says:

    What? no salt??? Luv their videos, always simple and great…

  18. amsathac Says:

    Simple food and a simple life.. Perfect videos boys! Keep it up

  19. dlmsuperdave Says:

    I think I’ve seen all of your videos and I haven’t came across one yet that didn’t look amazingly good! where are you guys from? I’m like you, I think everything is better outdoors. I also use my grill year-round. nothing like a morning hunt and having a few cocktails while grilling fresh deer steaks for supper! do you smell that?

  20. cfh2558 Says:

    Lol, I never noticed that ace up the guy’s sleeve on the right at the end. Nice.

  21. superchiku Says:

    wtf …they are hillarious…using a machete to cut he meat and eat…. lol..

  22. juidas Says:

    You are Crazy

  23. MattyMatt761 Says:

    Low and slow, low and slow- you can’t rush quality! Their style of cooking is as much about the enjoyment of the process as it is about eatin the food. I am sure the same philosophy applies to their videos, which are as good as the food they make!

  24. ameerskater Says:

    i love watching u guys, yall should make more videos faster they take too long

  25. hddm3 Says:



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