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Grilled Sausage Burgers by the BBQ Pit Boys

Posted on 15 October 2010 by admin     

Fresh made sausage burgers served hot off the grill is a delicious addition to any family picnic or barbecue, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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  1. virtualguitarist Says:

    @BarbecueWeb I loled @ iFrog001 trying to give advice to the bbq pit boys!

  2. BRICKHARRELL007 Says:

    maybe a good recipe…BUT WHAT AN IGNUNT SONG

  3. caliwowie Says:

    This video inspired me to BBQ…And this was the first thing i ever BBQ’d!

    It was good ass hell!!!! then i made the beer broats this guy made in another video….alls i want to do is BBQ now!!!

    Last week i did the same italian burger…but i melted mazzerella cheese on the paty..theni used basil leaves like you would use lettus….then i added a think ass cold slice of tomato…and my buddie just cooked up some bacon and slaped it on….AMAZING…. i love the pit boys

  4. kidistight Says:

    Actually the grocery store by my house sells flattened sasuage, very similar to how you would buy ground beef. Man what a great idea, imagine combining this recipe with the cheese stuffed burgers. Cheese stuffed sasuages, I see I am going to have to get a smaller grate for my grill because the grates would have the pepers to fall through.

  5. somewierddude00 Says:

    hey you guys know wat?..You guys should try asian style too 😀

  6. 10Dante4 Says:

    i love how he says: Smells Gewd!!!

  7. Stormclouds777 Says:

    That ol knife must be a youtube Icon by now. 🙂 When you retire, it will sell on Ebay and sell for several million dollars to a museum owner who wants to display it. 😀

  8. 333bigjoe Says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can u smell it

  9. loracc7c Says:

    man if you take an egg over medium and cheese to top it off . now thats a real eggamuffin. try that guys

  10. faidley79 Says:

    could you use the italian sausage without the casing? it can be bought just ground like beef, would it be the same thing?

  11. dudefromItaly Says:

    I’m from Italy and I usually make “sausage burgers” by simply splitting a big sausage in half and grilling it that way, then putting it in an long roll (hot dog style). But this other way surely is worth a shot…

    Another good use for the “tasty ground pork” from inside Italian sausages is to “boost” the taste of a larger amount of ground beef, I use to do this when I make the ragù to fill my Lasagne. Even with 90% beef and 10% sausage you can feel it…it should also apply to hamburgers….

  12. Gweezian Says:

    Removing the sausage from the casing is brilliant! I never would have thought of that.

  13. johnniechains Says:

    @wildman3dz you eat shit?

  14. wildman3dz Says:

    whoa,I’ve never seen anyone do that with meat.that looks good as shit.

  15. 7kurosawa7 Says:

    questi sono hamburger italiani?

  16. OfficialTorchic1990 Says:

    these vids always make me hungry

  17. Pete389a Says:

    looks good! good! goooood!!!

  18. Criptografo Says:

    you need this (Prosoppis laevigata)

  19. shabec98 Says:

    Me and the wife did that, but we also added pizza sauce, and Mozzarella cheese to the burgers when they were just about done.. Oh Man that was some great burgers!! Thanks a lot for videos guys!!

  20. harisworks Says:


  21. mommyfirst58 Says:

    wow that’s a lot of raw onion lol

  22. hidden4est Says:

    i never would have thought of it.

  23. slyflight Says:

    Anything cooked low-n-slow over coals or an open fire is “worth it”!

  24. bitchcreekz1 Says:

    where can i get a Q like that?

  25. heavyxpress3000 Says:

    can you do a vid of some silver queen sweet corn on the grill would like to see how you would do it


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