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Healthy Sweet Potato Chaat – Indian Salad Recipe

Posted on 22 November 2010 by admin     

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  1. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    @leogal4eva : Skip it.. 🙂

  2. leogal4eva Says:

    what can I substitue chaat masala powder with?

  3. CounsellingQld Says:

    Hi From Australia…Im making this tonight with Vah Chefs Butter Chicken

    thank you for this

  4. mickerin64 Says:

    I just found you girls. Even though my daughter doesn’t like sweet potatoes, I need to try this. Thanks.

  5. 92r589 Says:


  6. 92r589 Says:

    @Chitownboy1023 ahahah i juss got that :$ .. or maybe im tkaign it worng :$ ehhehe

  7. colourfulwithaU Says:

    Haha, your YouTube channel is going to provide me with a delicious vegan feast one day.

  8. dewalii Says:

    is this your profession or hobby or what do you guys do professionally? if u don’t mind asking me

  9. KimberlyAnne618 Says:

    looks great! i think i will have to try that one! : )

  10. Spark1221 Says:

    I can’t wait to make this – thanks for another great recipe! 🙂

  11. celtwolf8b Says:

    NEVER BOIL YOUR VEGGIES! steam them if you must, but NEVER BOIL! boiling veggies sucks out all the nutrients and flavor into the water, and some veggies get bitter or off-tasting if you boil them. the only time you should EVER boil your veggies is if you’re making a vegetable stock, in which case, you’re not going to be eating the veggies after anyway.

  12. Confilad Says:

    I love the colors in your videos – food colors and your dress colors. 🙂 Also the slow, neat and consistent presentation. Wow, you ladies rock!!!!

  13. jzaik Says:

    Why do you guys use that bottled lemon juice. That stuff is disgusting. Use the real stuff.

  14. simsmel Says:

    that is just wonderful…..dear ladies, if possible, please add some more recipes that uses sweet potatoes. We have farm over here in Kerala and when sweet potatoes are in season, the only thing that we make is mashed potatoes.

    the potato fingers in ur show turned out to be wonderful and I am just wondering what more to make with it other than just getting mashed.

    thanks again ladies and all the best to all the future videos…..take care

  15. Chitownboy1023 Says:

    lol “chopped nuts” 4:02

  16. timbits2 Says:

    mmmmmmmmm . . . . looks so good

    So when do we get to meet your sister??????

  17. ikylejm Says:

    wow, this looks delicious, it reminds me of a mexican dish with the chili and lime. i was wondering when you ask for red chili powder is that cayenne or a milder powder? we have many different types of mexican chili powders

  18. fluffho Says:

    now i want to buy sweet potatoes

  19. ImmortalGrandPriX Says:

    i’m hungry >:(

  20. radhikaagarwal123 Says:

    love your channel ladies!!! keep rocking…


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