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Homemade napalm molotov cocktail

Posted on 25 November 2010 by Brijesh     

napalm in a molotov cocktail shot at by a .22


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  • TheChillyphilly

    Stop shaking you silly gypsy

  • resolsdrawkcab

    All molotovs are home-made….

  • garraofthedesert64

    @126rollins23 Homade

  • 666zeuscro666

    Mix Gasoline, stirofoam (stiropor), small pices of paper or wood, soap (dont use liquid soap) and motor oil. Put it into bottle shake and close it with rag, light the rag throw it and enjoy!!!

  • YourFavCheeseEater

    The camera man is really into this shit I believe, or he is the heaviest breather I have ever seen

  • onedudetwotube

    Guess whos never gonna shovel his driveway again.


    wtf is wrong with the cam man lol?

  • omglmao12345

    @126rollins23 nah man, these people got it all wrong, put styrofoam in gas until it gets like gooey and really sticky. you cant buy it unless your in the military because its used in bombs and stuff, ahahahahaha

  • mrscaryspider

    @126rollins23 real napalm is made with jello

  • dantheman1507

    what kind of napalm? plasticfoam and gasoline? how do you make this?

  • picassopainter2

    @orphinemorph08 Soap was the way they did it in Vietnam. Now we use Napalm B which is much more professional. Homemade napalm is usually made with gas and styrofoam though.

  • 126rollins23

    where in the fuck did you get napalm?
    i’ve looked everywhere for that stuff.

  • windson7

    oh shit that thing burns in snow?

  • superjojo555

    black snow ??

  • Northhunt

    @chrispymuffin 50% aviator fuel and 50% styrofoam is the napalm thats being used now adays. i agree that most of the styrofoam/ gasoline being shown on youtube is a complitly fail. Napalm is intended to stick to objects,also metal! which a very few does. i came to a better recipe: pure gasoline, very light styrofoam(pure white and big bubbeled)+ethylenglycol(used as defreeze for cars. tis will give you a thin but very sticky syryp.

  • chrispymuffin

    is it real napalm or that styrofoam shit

  • TheAztec96


  • sabdacrab7224

    Something gives me a hint , that your cold

  • Agentoxedo07

    Holy-Terrorist:>*=* very good for starting job hacker !

  • xSchartnerx

    I can tell you how to make it,get a cup of gasoline then get a container and dump it in then add foam packaging penuts and let it dissolve,just put it in a bottle and it’s napalm,also check out my channel mayb sub

  • shrapnel6666

    Cand you message that recipe to me?

  • tilxGH

    yea, youre supposed the light the damn thing on fire like all the cool kids do in call of duty!!! that way when its just about to explode it can burn all your enemies! its genius! youre a fuckin dumbass.

  • johnyboy411

    soap was used…

  • orphinemorph08

    i really don’t think soap was used in this mixture. Soap is a shit thickener for your “fuel” Mixture.

    Yo just hit me up for a perfect White Phosphorus ( Napalm) / “Whiskey Pete” recipe.

  • Kevin32001