How to Bartend & Make Cocktails : Serving & Decorating A Margarita

Posted on 05 December 2010 by admin     

How to serve a margarita; get expert tips on mixing cocktails in this free bartending video. Expert: Endre Tornoczi and Istvan Petz Bio: Endre Tornoczi is the founder of Flair Cocktail Service company and a 3 time Fair mixer champion. Filmmaker: Paul (Leopold) Volniansky

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  1. TheReptilianBrain Says:

    @TheReptilianBrain And yes, I AM a bartender.

  2. TheReptilianBrain Says:

    “We have accents, we are automatically good bartenders.” These guys suck. Really. And they would not last in a high volume bar. I mean it, they suck. You’re buying their image. NOT quality drinks.


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