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How to clone a Big Mac – with Todd Wilbur

Posted on 05 January 2012 by admin     

Todd Wilbur shows you how to make a home version of the world’s most famous hamburger from scratch. CLICK HERE TO GET FREE TOP SECRET RECIPES FROM TODD Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Website:

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  1. Bugattiboy912 Says:

    5:03 He? thinks it’s better than sex.

  2. 101fmp Says:

    How much cocaine did this guy? snort before making this video?

  3. alaudecuffs Says:

    i just saw a epic meal time commercial and for once in my life? enjoyed youtube ads

  4. Thagist Says:

    Yea faster and cheaper but make it at home? is healthier.

  5. Modgraham Says:

    @SuperScatMan123 no u wouldn’t, it would cost £2 or so more but you don’t use up everything? you buy, you could make 4 or 5 burgers from the price of one of them!

    plus it would taste nicer so who cares if you did pay a bit more

  6. SuperScatMan123 Says:

    u would spend more money making it at home than buying it a? mcd which is faster

  7. trithful Says:

    @shanjo243 no it? isn’t

  8. imcool1347 Says:

    dis nigga stoned? out of his mind

  9. shanjo243 Says:

    this is a healthy version of mcdonalds i am going to try and make it :)?

  10. TheDiscipleofMetal Says:

    he? reminds me of willy wonka from orginal movie

  11. punkrockpub Says:

    I made this and I melted the cheese (Kraft American Singles) on to one of the Meat Patties!!! The Flavours are Phenomenal!!!!!! Now, time to move on to see “how to? make a BK Whopper at home”!!!!!!

  12. jetblackhair92 Says:

    hes a? fuk wit

  13. littlecowz1 Says:

    The camera always moving makes me dizzy.? :/ but AWSOME video 😀

  14. kishakisha17 Says:


  15. emiee9992 Says:

    Why the fuck is he so frenetic? GOSH? :O

  16. Lietuvaitis2 Says:

    What is? wax paper for?

  17. oAdvocacy Says:

    no wait, cheese goes on the bottom bun? and pickles go on the middle bun!
    dude who gives a fuck it doesnt matter

  18. xxxXXxxxR6 Says:


    thanks a lot

  19. orginallos Says:

    Not really sure if? you should be proud of the fact you can recreate fastfood crap… butplay, thanks!

  20. SoopaMario1 Says:

    @xxxXXxxxR6 it was mayo, French dressing, sweet pickle relish, onion, sugar, white vinegar? and salt…

  21. xxxXXxxxR6 Says:

    PLEASE CAN any body? tell me what he added after french dressing iam? not a english

  22. xxxXXxxxR6 Says:

    CAN any body tell me what he added after french? dressing iam not a english

  23. ararar123ify Says:

    id rather pay 5 bucks? then do all this .

  24. AdventuresGaming Says:

    “I need coke”
    I think? you already had enough.

  25. 66Deaf Says:

    Finally some1 doing it the right way? !


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