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How to make a Cinderella Mocktail

Posted on 29 May 2010 by admin     

~How to make a Cinderella Mocktail~

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  1. EmeraldMara85 Says:

    Isn’t a cinderella is made of orange, lemon and pineapple?

    Its a drink for ladies who can’t take alcohol.

  2. adityakapoor100 Says:

    looks delicious

  3. Hollowbarista Says:

    I love it that you bothered to make a video about Cinderella, and the ginger beer seems to add cinderella one fancy finishing touch, but mine a version is bit of a different. I try to post it (as my first ever video) sometime next week ,after something busy goes by.

  4. thedivinehopefull Says:

    Tell me cocktail man , how do i make a molotove cocktail ??

  5. fuchadancer94 Says:

    i saw this on cooking mama and i think i might try it

  6. dawiwi0414 Says:

    ok thanks !

  7. KevinYeahBoi Says:

    no its not

  8. dawiwi0414 Says:

    what is a ginger beer ? isnt an alcohol?

  9. HeartlessArchAngel69 Says:

    this ones a great idea

  10. dusshassh Says:

    looks good..


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