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How to make a cocktail with MIDORI liqueur. “red corvette”

Posted on 21 November 2010 by admin Perfect cocktail for casual party (ingredients) MIDORI?hazelnut liqueur?strawberries Medium alcoholic content Fresh flavor, with Cocktail glass Everyone knows the Corvette as one of America’s most famous sports cars. But does anyone know where it got its name? Another meaning of the word “corvette” is a type of speedy naval ship that was active in World War 2, and this ship is responsible for the naming of the car. The American-made Corvette automobile was first unveiled in 1953, and has undergone a series of design changes since then. The hazelnut liqueur in the Red Corvette makes it a very fragrant cocktail. Perhaps its creator had an image for the cocktail of a “cute red-colored navy ship.” MIDORI goes surprisingly well with berry flavors, and manages not to lose its delicious aroma when mixed into a frozen cocktail, maintaining the bold MIDORI flavor.

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  1. thekrakenism Says:

    love your videos…. music…. technique and of course end results


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