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How to make a Cuban Mojito

Posted on 24 December 2010 by admin     

Two Mojitos being made by a mixologist with a twist.

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  1. LabelloClub Says:

    @Gehrji its a bitter sirup called Angostura but nrmly it comes in Caipirinha and this Mojito looks not that good

  2. Gehrji Says:

    what is this at the end, this black thing who he put in the mojito???

  3. isfunnycuzistrue Says:

    thats alot of rum lol xD

  4. dappstarr Says:

    @Freakbrain1 see NEW ORLEANS BEST COCKTAILS. thats a bartender.

  5. MEGAONE302 Says:

    Trump says “You’re Fired!

  6. mustafakemalinoglu1 Says:

    this is shit

  7. shittyfuck Says:

    gay mojito

  8. Freakbrain1 Says:

    The problem of the cuban mojito is that the mint leaves do not add a lot of flavour, to companesate this they use Augusta bitter.
    I personally think a good moijto should taste after lime, mint, sugar and rum.
    None of them should dominate the other, the difficulty is to achieve this.
    In most bars they do not take the time to get a wellbalanced mojito.
    So do never drink in a bar a mojito.

  9. nathanboobier Says:

    I’ve never seen or made a Mojito with Angostura Bitters, was it nice? Or a miss?

  10. dieselboi91 Says:

    @ixXchaseXxi its angostura bitters

  11. dieselboi91 Says:

    the spoon fulls of cocaine he put in the glass is what makes this called the “cuban mojito”

  12. ixXchaseXxi Says:

    whats the dark drops he put at the end?

  13. lolvold1 Says:


  14. tsiapas1423 Says:

    this is craaaaaaap!

  15. XtcRaver420 Says:

    It was bitters

  16. olivercheung18 Says:

    did u mean dark rum?

  17. SmilingEyes79 Says:

    Did he put soy sauce at the end?

  18. MrClaki Says:


  19. Chipm0nk14 Says:

    yes u are

  20. Chipm0nk14 Says:

    i dont think they care much about original…i think they care about if its cheap to make and it makes them $….but me personally i like original

  21. mayito714 Says:

    The original Cuban Mojito is not made like this. See the original Bacardi recipe here on Utube. The Bacardi Family is Cuban fwith I am sure spaniard ancestors like all white Cubans. Castro ruined the islands freedom and human rights so people split.

  22. BonnieOsvany Says:

    For the best mojito recipe visit my blog at TheBestMojito (dot) blogspot (dot) com

  23. AllTearsShatter Says:

    sweetheart, Bacardi was founded in Santiago de Cuba….. It moved to Puerto Rico after it was already a pretty well established and successful company. So while I’m not sure what the original mojito called for- is any rum specific, it most certainly could have been Bacardi…. shouldn’t shoot down someone’s thought if you’re not sure of your history….

  24. KillSwitch2 Says:

    It’s not supposed to completely fill that glass you alcoholic douche.

  25. Cjbona14 Says:

    didnt even fill the glass


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