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How to make a Mojito

Posted on 22 October 2010 by admin     

PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY. Me shows how to make a Mojito (Havana Rum). I made two layers of ice for better decoration. One is made directly from water and onther from ice maker. For questions email me:

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  1. fashotce Says:

    nice vid.. looks good

  2. gulid23 Says:

    Well I agree with timing, but I had to stretch everything, if I wanted to base on this soundtrack. Sugar sirup is not so fresh as sugar. The point of Mojito is to make evrything as fresh as it is possible. But if I would muddle sugar, lime and mint leaves all together than the the mint leaves would get into very small pieces… so when drinking it you would have mint beetwen your teeth… and that is very annoying feeling

  3. inad321 Says:

    the mojito is probably good. But if i ever see a bartender making a drink that slow id rather walk away. Tips , make sugar sirup instead of crushing the sugar and the lime together. Save alot of time.

  4. Ninesh Says:

    zdj ne vem al maš comment overview al pa moj skromni kilometrski komentar ni prijel.

    torej bom ponovila: 1.) you rock.
    2.) i know why i love my freinds, they’re so skilled 😀
    3.) mislm, da se bom še naprej pustila razvajat in prepustila tebi vse delo razen drobljenja ledu.
    4.) doma mam ?ist preve? alkohola za moje pojme 😀
    5.) spijeva?

  5. Ninesh Says:

    great! you rock and it looks so pretty…!

    but it’s much easier if someone does it for you 😀 (yes, that was not just a comment on me being lazy, it was an actual hint) but i am skilled ice breaker 😀

    btw: the soundtrack, what is it…


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