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How to make a Scooby Snack Drink

Posted on 22 December 2010 by admin     

This video Shows how to make a Scooby Snack Drink that you get for like 5 bucks at a bar. Why not do it at home and then go out driving lol. Here is how

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  1. casperlok2dbrain Says:

    “it’s a beautiful THICK lookin’ thing” wwwwttttffff?!?! lol O_o

  2. YoUrCoNsEqUeNcE Says:

    I guess you are doing a different version then right? For the scooby snack i know of it needs only… baileys irish cream, midori-honeydew melon (sweet), malibu rum and a dash of pineapple juice… then whipped cream as optional.
    I got that off of a cocktail school demonstration. Never heard of vodka being part of it, or anything else. I don’t think vodka would really compliment the drink as it has a distinctive taste…

  3. mikeymikeymikey420 Says:

    Ghettoest? LOL

  4. Chenzo160 Says:

    This is the ghettoest scooby snack Ive ever seen……sad

  5. wtfnameisnttaken Says:

    Love how you’re doing this in a dorm room.

  6. MCboxing Says:

    “half if if you want, that’s just what I did. I halfed it” hahaha

  7. Fluffyinsanity Says:

    what the hell happened at the end?

  8. terriblefilms Says:

    kick ass ghetto fabulous bartending.

  9. america85353 Says:

    lol pefrect =]

  10. ErikaDedon Says:

    nice job mikey!

  11. allitalien Says:

    i was surprised how close to accurate this was, nicely done.

  12. VanguardDragon Says:

    You are possibly the koolest American i have ever seen! I love your manner!

    Very kool instructional video, fun and informative to watch! Thanks!

  13. kapgunryda Says:

    lol thanks man my friend kept saying they were good but he cldn’t remember the liquors. u look fuckin crazy about 155 156

  14. jasonn1975 Says:

    my favorite drink..

  15. ammonroy Says:

    love the accounting book in the back!! but i love the scooby snack more!!


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