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How to Make Beeramisu – Simple No-Bake Dessert

Posted on 14 December 2010 by admin     

Oven too crowded with Thanksgiving turkey and sides? The Working Class Foodies show you how to make their award-winning recipe for a quick and delicious beeramisu.Links: Working Class Foodies is a weekly how-to cooking show on the Hungry Nation network with great food, organic recipes, and affordable cooking tips. Website Facebook: Working Class Foodies Twitter: Hungry Nation Twitter:

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  1. AshlfGifshjsr Says:

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  2. big0bombs0go0kabang Says:

    There’s a lot of misspellings around here.

  3. Arteolike Says:

    EWWWWWWWWWWW Raw eggs, no wonder i got sick.

  4. ShaunWhiteismyGinger Says:

    I wanna sticker

  5. MercSLRFan Says:

    Why the hell don’t you guys get more hits?!
    It’s outrageous.

  6. jihahmj99 Says:

    Can I soak the Ladyfingers in Orange Juice *sweetened* or Pumpkin Juice cause i’m not confident with any kinds of drink that have beer . *i’m muslim*

  7. thelipgloss10 Says:

    is that okie for kids to eat ? lol

  8. sdfm12 Says:

    can we use cofee?

  9. swigsable Says:

    im just 11 can you please show me how to make things that i can make i cuase i like cooking 🙂

  10. katakchomel84 Says:

    damn her eyes are nice…. i want my like dat..

  11. accountsjr Says:

    You guys show me how to cook the real way! I had to subscribe.Oh hey can i have a Sticker?

  12. pieeatersguilds Says:

    insted of dipping the lady finger’s in beer (cause i could’nt get beer im 13!) i went to the bulk chocolate inted melted it a quick dip let the chocolate dry on them and it was just as good mmmmmmmhhmmmmmm yummy

  13. elcherryboy Says:

    i made this a while ago and it’s amazing. i used a chocolate stout and a hazelnut ale. it was so good and everybody enjoyed it. thanks guys.

  14. whippet Says:

    cool cool. could you guys make more easy vegetarian or vegan things? it would be awesome !!! 🙂

  15. icyshowstudio Says:

    no bake cheesecake

  16. GabiKoomen Says:

    what kind of beer can you use? just pumpkin beer? or can you also use lager?

  17. thepiuma Says:

    coffee and rum or coffe and amaretto di saronno. well you can make it almost in any way, it’s still good but isn’t tiramisu any more 🙂

  18. markuzzuriel Says:

    Hi! my name is Love. Markuz is my 2 yrs old son. I have been watching your vids for quite a while now. I’m herein Singapore and will be back in Manila this holiday. Thank you for the recipe- well I guess i need to try it with dark chocolate milk instead for my son. Happy Holidays to both of you!!! Cheers!!!

  19. CJo582 Says:

    Awesome, thank you! Damn Mormons where I come from in Utah don’t drink and don’t drink coffee, and I LOVE tiramisu, this is an awesome recipe, thanks!

  20. nicklofton Says:

    can i use beers such as keystone?

  21. TagaSeguchi Says:

    Yay! thanks. and reading the other comments I think I will try it with the Dark Chocolate Milk instead of beer.

  22. HungryNation Says:

    Just send us your address and we’ll send you a sticker!

  23. HungryNation Says:

    Awesome, thanks for checking us out! We’re really glad you like our show so much.

  24. HungryNation Says:

    We got everything at a Whole Foods here in NYC. Sorry it was pricier in NoCal!

  25. HungryNation Says:

    just send us a message with your address and we’ll send a couple your way! thanks for watching!


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