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How to make General Tso’ Chicken

Posted on 30 October 2010 by admin     

recipe click here This dish was created during the letter part of the Chan Dynasty by the chef of a scholarly Hunanese general,…Tso Tsung Tang!!

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  1. hotkonto Says:

    @BeaDaNurse Ginger will not make it spicy. Just add some peppers?

  2. punkzorr Says:

    i remember eating with plates that look like that!

  3. BeaDaNurse Says:

    Looks great. And easy too. I always thought Gen.. Tso Chicken was complicated. LOL. I will try your recipe, but I am curious. Most of the time Gen. Tso chicken is spicy. Will this be spicy because of the ginger, or do some chefs add pepper of soome sort? Just curious. Thanks for sharing!

  4. psilver Says:

    You are my hero!

  5. y2jallrealgangsta Says:

    ingredients? there a couple i didnt hear

  6. celverede Says:

    @wizewalrus yes he does

  7. amhater Says:

    You sir, are a professional……

  8. Volvoforlife08 Says:

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  9. Gluestickthing11 Says:


  10. Hunniebk17 Says:

    I’m eating this chicken right now and all that I can say is WoOW! This chicken is great and I will definitely make this again in the future. I followed the recipe almost exactly except I doubled the sauce and added 2 extra tbls of sugar, as I like this chicken to be sweeter and saucy (as opposed to just enough) for the rice. I didn’t double the herbs used because it was too late and it still came out great. Thanks for the recipe! U rock!

  11. eazyworldkilla Says:

    good job thats the real way yumm

  12. wizewalrus Says:

    you sound like jackie chan

  13. Thextreme1 Says:

    i don’t cook much but wow i made this today and it is awesome! i’d definitely recommend it

  14. webozh Says:

    you are the best we did this ressepi and is just wonderfull

  15. hotkonto Says:

    I’m gonna make this today.

  16. calebdickenson Says:

    Oh my god I need to make this some time soon.

  17. mikarabidkitsune Says:

    I have a quick question, Can I replace the Chicken Stock for Chicken Broth?

  18. smoshroxnigahigasux Says:

    @caliprincess510 dur add spice

  19. smoshroxnigahigasux Says:

    ill just buy it looks way to hard

  20. jackassunit22 Says:

    Thanks for the great recipe, i just made this and it was probably the best general tso i ever had. Much better then they make in the resteraunts here.

  21. btecca Says:

    It’s SUPPOSED to also have dried red chilli peppers in it – I use 6 or so cut in 3 or so pieces (left kinda large I don’t eat them) – add them when you cook the ginger and garlic

  22. 94style Says:

    On an electric stove?!? Wow…

  23. YourTop5Plays Says:

    I made this the other day and it was great. My family thought I was a real “chef” that night.

  24. couchebag Says:

    DAMN this guy knows how to cook, definitely going to make this just as he did.

  25. xXSKyDragonXx Says:

    i am waste of my race, this is stuff i should already know…


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