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How To Make Glow in the Dark Powder

Posted on 03 January 2012 by admin     

How to make phosphorescent glow in the dark powder. Also known as luminescent, photoluminescent or simply glow powder. Warning: This experiment uses mildly toxic chemicals, wear gloves when handling them. In addition, the combustion reaction must be performed outside or in a fume-hood due to the resulting smoke and gasses. For this experiment you’ll need: Strontium Nitrate: Aluminum Nitrate: Purification by recrystalization: Europium and dysprosium nitrates: And you’ll need nitric acid to make the above nitrates: The procedure is relatively straightforward: 1.875g of aluminum nitrate nonahydrate with 530mg of strontium nitrate, 10.7mg of europium nitrate pentahydrate, 21.9mg of dysprosium nitrate pentahydrate and 30.9mg of boric acid are dissolved in 3mL of distilled water. 3.9g of pure urea is added and shaken until dissolved. The mixture is heated in a 1000watt microwave for 4 minutes. Eventually it’ll ignite and combust. The white “ash” is the glow powder. Can be used in Glow in the Dark Paint if crushed into a powder and mixed with an appropriate clear paint/resin/lacquer/glue.

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  1. 123RID3 Says:

    cool toilet lol? xD

  2. NurdRage Says:

    @LolzICanFly If you check the video description you’ll find all the chemicals? linked in previous videos where they are all made.

  3. LolzICanFly Says:

    “Entirely from chemicals we could easily buy or make ourselves”?
    -Ultra-pure aluminum nitrate nonahydrate
    -Ultra-pure strontium nitrate
    -Europium nitrate pentahydrate
    -Dysprosium nitrate pentahydrate
    Those don’t seem like things easily obtained, much less synthesizable? at home O_o

  4. AsciaBipenne Says:

    What if you mix Smash&glow powder with this? stuff?

  5. ISamandRachel Says:

    what would you use this for? ?

  6. danerdsskaters Says:

    i would love your videos but the? voice disguise is really annoying to me

  7. chavezjjj9 Says:

    10 months of? expirementing LOL

  8. UNITA4 Says:

    @wanabango002 no, this isn’t cold fusion XD?

  9. wanabango002 Says:

    is it radio? active?

  10. FederRiedelBikes Says:

    @Mike211L imagine how? many times and tries it took for the first people who invented it

  11. trainz10 Says:

    Nice Garden? you have. 😛


    before you get any stupid? ideas and start p***ing all over your lab” LOL

  13. ombra30 Says:

    really amazing experiment i’d like to try it

  14. AuraPsychickHedgie Says:

    “this is the first time we used a? microwave to create something rather than destroy it” destroy it? DO I SENSE A IS IT A GOOD IDEA TO MICROWAVE THIS REFERENCE?

  15. miesrah12 Says:

    first take ammonium carbonate and mix it with ammonia and carbon dioxide. Place it all in a sealed container and heat it? up until the ammonium carbonate dehydrates and the end result is pure urea crystals and other waste products. got it from ehow (DOT) com (slash) how-does_5194345_urea-made_

  16. kyle90876 Says:

    @Mike211L well pay? more attention lol

  17. ljfg23 Says:

    @Mike211L maybe you didnt put it in a? wooden gazebo

  18. AdairLover Says:

    wat happens if u? put food colring in with the third example?

  19. 97disgirlizcrazy Says:

    ru pouring different color? chemicals?

  20. perfectprettypolish Says:


  21. avazt06 Says:

    Can i? eat litle bit..?

  22. liamailiam Says:

    oh Barack Obama, and his interests in chemistry… :)?

  23. 732202157 Says:

    i? want to play a game

  24. russerbgreek Says:

    ..ASCK..: what abouth phosphor from crt? monitor?

  25. TheAthena999 Says:

    appreciate the crushing of my expectations….in order to complete my most awesome Halloween decorations Ever, I purchased the powder form from? my local vendor – completely appreciate the process and enjoyed watching


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