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How to Make Ozoni Soup (Japanese Rice Cake Soup)

Posted on 04 July 2011 by admin     

Ingredients for Ozoni (serves 2) 4 Kirimochi – Rice Cake 50g Chicken Meat (1.76 oz) Daikon Radish Carrot 1 Satoimo – Japanese Taro 2 Shiitake Mushrooms 60g Komatsuna – Japanese Mustard Spinach (2.12 oz) Kamaboko – Steamed Fish Cake Yuzu Peel Ozoni Soup Stock (serves 4 – amount easy to make) 20g Kombu Kelp (0.705 oz) 20g Katsuobushi – Dried Bonito Flakes (0.705 oz) 1100ml Water (4.65 us cup) 1/3 ~ 1/2 tsp Salt 1 tsp Usukuchi Soy Sauce (saltier and lighter in color than koikuchi) About Music: Frederic Chopin – Valse in D-flat major “Minute Waltz” – Op. 64 No. 1 Play by Muriel Nguyen Xuan, recording by Stephane Magnenat Creative Commons

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  1. alexisanne6 Says:

    I love cooking, but I love eating more; which is why I cook.

  2. SouLtobi Says:

    this reminds me of cooking mama o.O

  3. keepyourkiltdown Says:

    This woman has incredible knife skills. Every video is just flawless.

  4. Tauchp Says:

    i wish i could cook =(

  5. MissSallyCabbage Says:

    @ESPSAlita yeah!… but the second he said there was mochi in it I instantaniously knew it was a new years dish

  6. premadonna17 Says:

    Lmao you all know that its the dog whos narrating, right?

  7. umakara55 Says:


  8. case1962 Says:

    I made this last night – couldn’t wait for New Years to roll around! ;D

  9. chilliconcarnie1 Says:

    what is that pink and white thing ? it looks like marshmellow (:

  10. junkievideo Says:

    Kamaboko – Steamed Fish Cake

  11. danica789 Says:

    There’s another doggg :3

  12. blackinque Says:

    after you listen to this for a while, you get the feeling the Japanese narrator has a french accent ( 1:45 )

  13. FuyuCake Says:

    @mangamastermolly Strawberry Daifuku, It’s very tasty and fun to make. ^_^

  14. TurQHak Says:

    in the end you will just eat it and then shit… :DDD

  15. TurQHak Says:

    what is this pink thing at: 1:48“?

  16. alliancesuxftw Says:

    I gotta stop watching this! Its addicting as hell.

  17. sarah05111 Says:

    dog is so obedient the whole time

  18. number7ministries Says:

    Please enjoy this video:
    Number 7 Ministries: “Heavenly Palate”

  19. mangamastermolly Says:

    woah whats that thing at the end? why havent i seen that?? it looks soooooooo tasty!

  20. weswes666 Says:

    in the Netherlands we just eat deep-fried dough with powdered sugar. because are new year is always in the middle of winter when you need allot of calories. XD

  21. theuglykwan Says:

    @crystalclearwolf I know what you mean. When i return from vacations in asia to europe, i get so depressed looking at my lunch options! However, the amount of work they put into presentation seems excessive and often wasteful (eg, cutting the pattern into the shitake mushrooms and discarding those parts) and their bullet proof wrapping of simple purchases in stores. Imo they could get better results concentrating on the flavour of their food as often it looks fantastic but tastes bland.

  22. fuziy100 Says:

    A comida e a receita são excelentes. Quanto ao preparo, já não posso concordar em hipótese alguma. Animais e cozinha não combinam. Qualquer animal na cozinha é no mínimo anti-higiênico. Pelos, babas, cheiros ,plumas, penas etc. não podem ter espaço na cozinha. Ainda mais como no vídeo, o cão tão perto dos ingredientes.O que que é isso?? Nada contra os animais, porém devem estar no lugar certo..

  23. 305969382 Says:

    We don’t have that kind of ingredients in my country TT__TT

  24. comingsoon188 Says:

    i was wondering, why the hand is really red when it zoom in?

  25. 19629924 Says:

    can i use cookie cutter?


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