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How To Make Pancakes Video Recipe

Posted on 08 April 2011 by admin     

Great, easy recipe of how to make delicious home made pancakes. Served with banana, icecream and maple syrup. Please comment and rate my video 🙂 Share With Friends – Subscribe – Facebook for extra hints and tips- Tweets – Ingredients: 1 ½ cups self raising flour 1 ¾ cups milk 1 tbs sugar ¼ tsp vanilla essence 1 egg 40g melted butter + butter for cooking Your choice of delicious toppings I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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  1. AussieGriller Says:

    @IMattee Vic! 🙂

  2. IMattee Says:

    Black and Gold? Good old SA?

  3. AussieGriller Says:

    @celtictrinity77 You’re welcome dood

  4. AussieGriller Says:

    @JUZbomb3r lol

  5. celtictrinity77 Says:

    I’m not a fan of banana but what I love on pancakes is bavarian apple, ie lightly stewed chopped apples sprinkled with cinamon powder, then the ice cream on top. mmmmm so good. Thanks for the great basic pancake recipe aussiegriller!

  6. ihatejustinbeib Says:

    this guys cool

  7. AussieGriller Says:

    @Cheeseit05 If you can get powdered or condensed milk that would be worth a try!

  8. RonaldinhoReborn Says:

    @JUZbomb3r BALLZ 2 U.

  9. RonaldinhoReborn Says:

    @mickmos WOW!

  10. Cheeseit05 Says:

    I would so make these, too bad theres no milk in my area at the moment.

  11. PlayZoneLaser Says:

    Are there really people out there who dont know how to make pancakes? O.o

  12. suparama119 Says:

    great channel mate and vidz

  13. kay4dee08 Says:

    i add salt :O

  14. AussieGriller Says:

    @getstapermdoug hope you got some!

  15. AussieGriller Says:

    @DaKiLlEr46 Good stuff mate, glad you liked it!

  16. AussieGriller Says:

    @rhinogurl 🙂

  17. JUZbomb3r Says:


  18. getstapermdoug Says:

    i now feel like pancakes.

  19. getstapermdoug Says:

    i now feel like pancakes.

  20. DaKiLlEr46 Says:

    i tried this and it was awzum

  21. rhinogurl Says:


  22. AussieGriller Says:

    @iloveflavor Hope you enjoy it 😉

  23. AussieGriller Says:

    @adolthitler I reckon it would work mate, I’d probably just not add any sugar or salt to the pancakes, olives and bacon should make it salty enough 🙂

  24. AussieGriller Says:

    @celtictrinity77 Thanks for checking it out 😉

  25. mkroehnert1 Says:

    😀 ill eat them before youve had one mate you dont get none!!!!!!!!!


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