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How to Make Pasta: Basic Pasta Recipe 101

Posted on 27 June 2011 by admin     

Not getting a tax refund this year? It’s okay, neither did we. This week, Brendan shows us how to make everyone’s favorite empty-wallet dinner: pasta.

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  1. Vendoman500 Says:

    needs more bacon strips

  2. mirtilloSabbathSimon Says:

    I watched this five times, and now I have the dough resting down in the kitchen!… I made it whole-wheat though, ’cause I can’t eat white kneading it looked very good, I just hope it turns out ok ..

  3. Killjoy3990 Says:

    There’s two reaallllly awesome ways to make a sauce…(that I know of)
    1. Take your homemade sauce, or store bought (disgrace) , boil in a pot, as its boiling it will begin to thicken, and ensure to stir regularly so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom or burn. Take a few cloves of garlic, salt, bay leaf, pop those in there and your good. I know easy!
    2., sear some lean meat (stewing or ground veal) in a pan until browned, then toss into the pot of sauce where it will continue to cook.

  4. kristaxhoward Says:

    Yummy! Have I mentioned how much I love you guys?!

  5. FutureLaugh Says:

    hell yeah it only costs pennies per person but wtf no meat?? you cant expect a human being to get nutrients from pure refined carbohydrates alone!

  6. ladicrochet Says:

    is anyone else having trouble making that damn mound????

  7. talldudegrad12 Says:

    If you do use all purpose flour will rolling it out thinner make it more delicate?

  8. silivrenisil Says:

    How long should you let the pasta dry out for and then how long is it good for once it’s been dried?

  9. nuclearthreat545 Says:

    You’re beautiful

  10. wcfoodies Says:

    @yaoilittleprincess You seem to like salty/briny flavors as much as we do. We approve.

  11. wcfoodies Says:

    @graverobber06 Interesting, thanks for sharing! We’ve never tried boiling tofu with pasta…assuming you use firm tofu, right? Does it become soft like silky tofu or does it hold its shape?

  12. wcfoodies Says:

    @travelsized17 Sounds like a quick, simple, and meatless variation of pasta all’amatriciana. Yum! Thanks for sharing!

  13. wcfoodies Says:

    @TDLakaDavidLover This is a pasta recipe, not a pizza recipe!

  14. bangalorebengaluru Says:

    this is making my mouth watery … :-)) I’m going 2 try it asap
    As you mentioned I do have trouble finding 00..

    check out my channel

  15. BelligerentStyle Says:

    I’m sick of pasta. I just boil it and add cheese and tomato souce. I don’t find it tasty. I’m definetly going to try this recipe.

  16. MajesticShells Says:

    Looks easy & yummy!

  17. TDLakaDavidLover Says:

    i checked other vids on making pizza dough and its different from the one shown here. what should i do?

  18. limalicious Says:

    I make a cheater’s Alfredo with fat free evaporated milk, butter and a little flour, grated Parmesan, and some pesto (although spinach is nice, too), and I add browned garlic, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and cooked Italian sausage, sliced in medallions and sauteed. I serve it on whole wheat pasta, too.

  19. travelsized17 Says:

    My favorite way to do pasta is a little strange but try it out. It’s so good. What you do is start your pasta cooking and while it’s cooking, brown some crushed garlic in a pan with olive oil. When the pasta is four minutes or so from being done, crack two eggs into the pan and let them fry really slowly. Once the pasta is done, strain it and then throw it into the pan as well. The eggs should be just starting to cook and the yoke should still be runny. Stir it up and serve with parm.

  20. graverobber06 Says:

    Very cool video. I thought making fresh pasta was harder than that.
    I make dried pasta all the time—many different types. My usual sauce is my girlfriend’s family recipe: canned crushed tomatoes, canned tomato pasta mixed into sauteed garlic, onion and olive oil. I mix in all kinds of stuff, but especially tofu cubes (can also be boiled with the dried pasta), sliced black olives, sliced sausage, or leftover meats like chicken or beef.
    Keep on cookin’.

  21. yaoilittleprincess Says:

    Nothin’ like some chopped olives&a bit of feta with my tomato sauce 🙂

  22. wcfoodies Says:

    @margowsky We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the kind words and for watching.

  23. riotriotriot55 Says:

    I slowly cook sliced garlic in olive oil, and then cook pasta and top with parmesan and basil. It’s super simple and delicious.

  24. margowsky Says:

    Great to see a new vid. It’s been a while. Brendan damn near broke into a grin when he mentioned the “laundry thing”. Very cute! Smile Brendan! We love you!

  25. grantiell Says:

    i wish i could just subscribe to you!


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