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How To Make Pickles

Posted on 19 September 2012 by admin     

Jack shows you how to make pickles. Join his cooking community at: here is the recipe 14 pickling cucumbers 1 gallon of water 1 cup kosher salt or sea salt 1 16 oz. bag of pickling seasoning Simmer seasoning and salt for 90 minutes. Pour into glass jar with cucumbers. Let set over night in refrigerator. Open and eat.

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  1. LOL007ization Says:

    Jack you put waaaay too much seasoning you should put just a half of that bag and the pickles have to stay for months? to suck up all the flavor

  2. duffer108 Says:

    I think? we should keep it going…

  3. ssnp Says:

    will there? be a redo of this?

  4. Julio Arturo Lezcano Says:


  5. TheRoomy Says:

    Where’s the vinegar…? You made pickles without ANY vinegar? It’s not sour because you didn’t put any vinegar in. And vinegar also gives them that extra CRUNCH when you bite into it.

  6. 49divan Says:

    @kschnaus8 -U have to just put then in bling water for? like 1 min

  7. MrLOVEStoHATeONU Says:

    would? it work if you use old pickle juice

  8. frugalnanny Says:

    Hi Jack you did not put any vinegar in the water. I make pickles and trust me it takes vinegar and at least ninty days in a dark cool place for them to be pickeld.

    great video guy.

    Nanny lillie?

  9. dudelivestrong Says:


  10. hairtai87 Says:

    WTF Jack, How do you? not put vinegar in when pickling something, LMAO.


    You suck?

  12. kschnaus8 Says:

    Do you need? to sterilize the container first and how would I do that???? Help me Jack!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ni17ck Says:

    2:52? thank me later

  14. crispycoke1 Says:

    You have to use pickling salt regular? salt makes your water brown

  15. winfr34k Says:

    Hi. Did you? ever try it with another recipe?

  16. Jzilla228 Says:

    cloud? 9 party??? hellll yeahhhh smoke some

  17. DeadBabyJesus Says:

    The video starts? at 2:54.

  18. PoisonedDagger Says:

    i never cooked , and even I know that you need VINEGAR and you eat them after A? FEW WEEKS OR A MONTH

    you dont pickle over night

    what u had there was a raw cucumber in seasoned water , nothing else , nothing more

  19. faithm Says:

    I don’t think you have to do? some of that if you are just making “refrigerator pickles”, right?

  20. foreverinbloom14 Says:

    add vinegar? and dill weed

  21. ZeroEpic Says:

    Still want the redo! im waiting for it lol! love the pickle idea but you missed? it Greatings from the netherlands

  22. fall22123 Says:

    Don’t pickles have vinegar in them? My mom used to can when I was a kid. I remember the house reeking of vinegar when she made pickles. She would put the cucumbers, seasoning, dill (grown in our garden, really easy to grow), peppers, garlic, whatever in a jar and pour boiling vinegar over them. Then they had to sit in the jar for a month until? we could eat them.

  23. stereomaster279 Says:


  24. sexymexybean Says:

    Wtf why would they? sell another contries pickle mix… Lmao this fool is wack… I bet its not clear because it has no vinager

  25. Stereotypeblackguy Says:

    you Know Jack you don’t necessarily have to boil the brine. I learned from my Granny that you? just need salt, a little bit of sugar, water and good jars