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How to make Rava Idli – Indian Cuisine Recipes

Posted on 04 April 2012 by admin     

For the detailed recipe:

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  1. TheMisteriosomundo Says:

    o even i thought? she was south Indian by seeing her surname Balasubramanyam

  2. ready4relish Says:

    very? good.

  3. Vrundajay Says:

    and when do? you add yoghurt mixture? ????

  4. saradaramaswamy Says:

    Instead of adding ENO or baking soda, can we ferment the roasted rava mixed in water the previous night and then add fresh curd mixture the next day morning and prepare? idlis?

  5. causha2011 Says:

    Can I ferment the batter instead of? adding ENO

  6. asanpuri Says:


  7. ayesha2886 Says:

    is it ok if i use baking soda or baking powder? instead of eno, keep it 4 few hours n thn make idly

  8. jomolancy Says:

    Hey, thanks for the? reply. By the way, I already tried this recipe thrice and it came out really well. My family loved it. Please keep posting such nice specially instant recipes. Another? thing I wanted to ask you is that do you know how to make instant khaman (like the Garvi Gujarat frozen ones). Me and my husband love it but my several attempts failed. Hope both of you can help me. 🙂

  9. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    : No, Anuja is a? Punjabi 🙂

  10. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    : Traditionally, Idli is served at breakfast 🙂 The amount of baking soda that goes into making? this is not going to be harmful to you 🙂

  11. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    : Yes, you can? and that is a great way to save time 🙂

  12. thebestozz4evr Says:

    hey anuja r? u a malayalaee

  13. amitkp80 Says:

    can? i make jar? full rava idli mix?……w/o adding 2nd part…….i meant yogurt part……pls let me know….thanks

  14. swapna705 Says:

    baking soda is a healthy option?because? idli is a ususal breakefast can we use soda powder frequently?

  15. amitkp80 Says:

    can i make? jar full rava idli mix?……w/o adding 2nd part…….i meant yogurt part……pls let me know….thanks

  16. samikshamk Says:

    oh!! idli looks soo yummy!! iam going to try it today. thank u? for the recipe.

  17. mjadesh Says:

    super i tryed its nice ?

  18. ashoknizwa Says:

    Thanx looks yummy I am trying? it

  19. AnitaCheesecake Says:

    omg that? looks so good …..D:

  20. ShowMeTheCurry Says:

    : ENO is just a combination of baking soda (60%) and citric acid (40%). You can try approx 1 1/4 tsp baking soda and 3/4 tsp citric acid or lime juice (more? lime juice — to taste).

  21. prangika21 Says:

    U? told to put baking powder & limejuice instead of ENO fruit salt. What is the quantity for that Rava Idli recepe?

  22. gjgarima Says:

    Thanks a? lot


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