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How to Make Ricotta; Zucchini Pancakes Recipe

Posted on 02 July 2011 by admin     

Rebecca shares her favorite off-the-grill zucchini recipe – quick and simple zucchini pancakes, topped with homemade ricotta, cheaper and tastier than store-bought.

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  1. TheHidingLegends Says:


  2. sdblaine Says:

    Just made the panakes for dinner. Delish!

    Otherwise I like to make over baked Zucchini fries: slice 2-3 into thin chips, cover then in oil and steak seasoning and then spread on sheets, baking them at 320 till they’re browned and a bit crispy. The best side dish for Chicken Parm ever 🙂


    sorry my comp is on the fritz


    you guys are awesome! chef john is an awesome additional to your channel.

    where can i submit an idea for a YT show???


    you guys are awesome! chef john is an awesome additional to your channel.

    where can i submit an idea for a YT show???

  6. artfuse Says:

    @aGoulishtomato Traditionally, yes, ricotta is made from whey – ricotta means “twice cooked”. But you can also make ricotta the way we show you here, by separating the curds from the whey and straining the curds.

  7. aGoulishtomato Says:

    Looks great and I bought some zucchini today to make this, but from I’ve read, Ricotta is made with the whey leftover from making cheese, not milk.

  8. sarahx87 Says:

    its like vegetable pakora or jeput or cekodok

  9. ockeghem78 Says:

    I like my green zucchini rough, grated or à la julienne, seasoned with pink Himalaya salt, a small amount of balsamic modena vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. They will need to rest 10-15 minutes and they are served topped with thin leaves of Parmesan cheese

  10. limalicious Says:

    I just make mine with bisquick, egg, and cheddar cheese (with my zucchini, obviously).

  11. Katiebear08 Says:

    Love your channel!! Thanks!!!

  12. ZIPCHIC99 Says:

    That was very cool.. thank you for the Asparagus idea.. have some at home for tonite and nneded an idea..

  13. artfuse Says:

    @gothnsincity Definitely! And it’s the first step to making a killer Italian cheesecake…

  14. artfuse Says:

    @missiworld Thanks! <3 you too!

  15. artfuse Says:

    @shamwife Yes – with spring onions or leeks (or a combo of both!) they’d be very like scallion pancakes. Mmmm, delicious.

  16. artfuse Says:

    @thekillerman696 Convenience can be great but fresh food made w/quality ingredients will ALWAYS taste better and be better for you. If, for $3.75 and 5 minutes of work, you can get 2 cups of the freshest ricotta you’ll ever eat, made from local milk produced by humanely-raised cows, plus the satisfaction of making something for yourself, then why bother with that convenient tub of flavorless cheese?

    Plus, making it yourself means that’s one less plastic tub to throw in the trash.

  17. thekillerman696 Says:

    @artfuse but why do that when i can go grocery shopping when im buying food and just pick one up, but hey in 2o and dont cook much

  18. WalnutSprout Says:

    Oh my how I missed Rebecca ! There are so many new shows on hungry nation right now, but i prefer to watch the old episodes over an over again 🙂

  19. shamwife Says:

    i bet those would be bomb if you just used spring onion or leeks as opposed to the zucchini, although zucchini is pretty rad.

  20. missiworld Says:

    Working Class Foodies is my favourite on this channel. Love it!!!

  21. gothnsincity Says:

    Thanks for sharing the Ricotta recipe…I always buy a gallon of milk but it seems like I never use it all, this would be a great recipe to use up that milk!

  22. artfuse Says:

    @thekillerman696 It’s no more work than making pasta:
    1. boil a liquid – water for pasta, milk for ricotta
    2. add in 2nd ingredient – pasta for pasta (dur), a little acid to curdle the milk for ricotta
    3. strain out the water in the pasta or the whey from the curds
    4. season your ricotta or sauce your pasta.

    it’s no work at all when you see it in the right perspective.

  23. artfuse Says:

    @aliciamarie2007 Guilty as charged…it was awesome watching my buddy Nick beat Bobby 🙂

    Let me know how your lasagne comes out with the homemade ricotta!

  24. kiekie84 Says:

    shes not saying the Ricotta is vegan friendly she’s saying the Zucchini Pancakes are vegan friendly and if someone is vegan they don’t have to use the Ricotta to top on the Zucchini Pancakes they can use a vegan friendly topping instead 🙂

  25. Clone16165 Says:

    @xxdiogenescynicxx The vegan friendly is only the pancake part of this video!


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