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How To Make Southern Peach & Blueberry Cobbler: Recipe

Posted on 11 December 2011 by admin     

Rebecca shares her personal recipe for peach & blueberry cobbler – a fantastic dessert that’s good made with any fruit and a rich, decadent, comforting treat for any occasion.

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  1. colakissed Says:

    is? it me or is somebody whistling?.. driving me batty

  2. muncher541 Says:

    Okay, she’s not ugly or anything, but in that shot where she’s talking alone she looks terrible.?

  3. CassieLovley91 Says:

    These Videos? Don’t Get Enough Views

  4. stargirlvictoria Says:

    oohhhhhhhhh *drools* i’m so gonna eat this when i? wanna indulge 😀

  5. truffulatuft Says:

    Super easy peach cream pie – Mix 1 can of condensed milk, 2 cups cut up fruit (can be all peaches or a mixture of peaches and berries), 2 tbsp. flour (can be rice flour if you are GF). Blend until liquified but slightly lumpy. Pour into 2? premade graham cracker pie crusts. Bake at 375 for 35 to 45 min. until center doesn’t jiggle. Let cool/set 15 min. Yumm.

  6. tamashi713 Says:

    I love peach? cobbler 🙂 Totally buying some peaches this wednesday from the farmers market to make this. Thanks!

  7. cindyloukatz1 Says:

    i love? your show!

  8. bugbirds1 Says:

    i like? strawberry rhubarb cobbler

  9. neatkitten Says:

    i love blueberries? 🙂

  10. davidnhale Says:

    An interesting variation would be to make this on a campout with coals rather than in an oven. Obviously you are not going to have access to a food processor, but mixing your crust ingredients in a zip-loc bag? works pretty well.

    Question: is this recipe written out somewhere, or do we have to write it down by hand as we watch the video? It isn’t on your blog either, as far as I can tell.

  11. ultrapunktoad Says:

    I love making Pineapple Upsidedown cake. It’s REALLY sweet and REALLY buttery, so I only do about one a year. But they are worth it. ? And my husband LOVES the Apple Cake recipe you covered from last fall. It’s a staple in my recipe book 🙂

  12. vilius5000 Says:

    Where? max gone?

  13. lolliTragic Says:

    I really like peach crumble, though for me I do the topping much like how you’ve done the topping for? this. My most favourite decadent desert is a baked cheesecake, but that’s probably because they aren’t easy to get here in NZ.

  14. RachelRjR Says:

    WOW! That looks amazing Rebecca!?

  15. santi781 Says:

    i’d like to Drop my? Dough on you Rebecca!

  16. 89cadi Says:

    Man that looks? good

  17. artfuse Says:

    @jasonbucy I completely understand. We’d do the paid rental system if? people could still watch it for free on YouTube, but if it’s either/or, then we’ll keep it totally free!

  18. jasonbucy Says:

    @artfuse my bad then. sorry, i just seemed like thats was the case. i just get frustrated when users charge for their content even amongst all the? ads.

  19. HopefullyShrinking Says:

    @artfuse Awesome. Thanks!?

  20. artfuse Says:

    @6pathsofpain We miss Max, too, but since Season 1 ended he’s been working in theater in Florida. Maybe someday he’ll? come back to NYC and be a WCFoodie again, but for now it’s me & the dogs and all kinds of awesome special guest stars!

  21. artfuse Says:

    @junyang1234 Max went home? to Florida after Season 1 to pursue his other love, theater.

  22. artfuse Says:

    @HopefullyShrinking Yep!? Should work fine, but if your baking dish is on the thin side, your cobbler might be done 5-10 minutes faster.

  23. artfuse Says:

    @sjbethke A stand mixer or hand mixer will work, too!?

  24. artfuse Says:

    @jasonbucy No one had to pay for it. The brief rental fee was an accident, and as you? can see, it’s been removed. No on has to pay to watch WCFoodies.

  25. Notthecoolmom Says:

    I have a couple of “cheat” peach dishes. One last weekend included angel food cake, warmed peaches, whipped cream and ice cream. Everything store bought,but? the peaches from the farmers market.


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