How To Make Tabbouleh, Taboule: Middle Eastern Salad Recipe

Posted on 01 August 2011 by admin     

Tabbouleh is a healthy and affordable dish. It’s perfect for lunch at the office, a summer picnic, or as a vegan-friendly option at barbeques. Subscribe to our Newsletter!

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  1. desl7 Says:

    I was surprised to see them MUSH up all of the ingredients. We prefer everything to have larger pieces – especially the onion, tomato and parsley – note: flat parsley is awful to use!

    I’ve never tried quinoa instead of bulghur – but you never know?!?

  2. margowsky Says:

    Or you can do like me and make it with quinoa instead of bulgur. May not be traditional but it’s delicious, more healthy and easier to cook. I make tabbouleh every week that I can. Goes great w/my home made hummus. Served in pita bread.

  3. MooneyedMissus Says:

    ive taught myself to love mushrooms, peppers, broccoli and blueberries

  4. rvbgeek Says:

    For me, I’ve learned to enjoy creamy items like sour cream and yogurt. When I was younger I had a sensitivity to creamy foods (cream cheese, soft cheeses,…etc) and they caused me to gag. I don’t know if I just grew out of it or I just slowly acclimated to them but now I love most everything creamy! (I still don’t like cream cheese or mozzarella if it’s not melted, but those are more personal preference)

    Love the show, keep up the awesome work!!

  5. nm7kneeslapper Says:

    I’ve taught myself to love onions

  6. sooth15 Says:

    Coleslaw is definitely the ONE dish I’ve learned to like. I am still not a fan of the creamy version, but I really like the vinaigrette type.

  7. TheVittleVlog Says:

    Looks really good!!

  8. wcfoodies Says:

    @loonycake haha, thanks for the smile. that’s a 6″ chef’s knife, and the yellow one’s a paring knife. knives are personal; i like my 6″ chef’s knife for smaller prep work, like these herbs. when it comes to heartier vegetables like kale, etc. or meat, i definitely go to my 8″ chef’s knife. thanks for watching!

  9. manlothar35 Says:

    you are loverly..not fat, and love to eat. Pretty eyes. I need to try what you profess.
    Damn..I am hawngry!

  10. loonycake Says:

    get a bigger knife noob ;]

  11. chrissiemoda Says:

    its not a dish but i hated olives but now i love love love them!

  12. chrissiemoda Says:

    you guys are the reason i subbed hungry nation! yay to your own channel

  13. LittleSelfia Says:

    It’s not a dish….but I taught myself to adore black licorice. c:

  14. shorgeeborgee Says:

    my family recipe is almost the exact same as this, but we do not use mint that is one of the only differences variations are usually very slight from one part of the middle east to the next oh there is one strange thing we put in we put in capers because we come from a part of Israel where capers are everywhere

  15. artfuse Says:

    @davezbetter The feta and pita/flatbread is just a serving suggestion – the tabbouleh itself is vegan. Thanks for watching!

  16. davezbetter Says:

    feta cheese isnt vegan…

  17. zoikkeli Says:

    @laushades It could work tastewise, but the texture isn’t quite the same.
    If you’re using the pre-cooked stuff that usually shops sell, the soaking time is shorter and you probably need proportionally less liquid (about one cup per one cup of grains, check the box for exact amounts).

  18. Kissadilla Says:

    Sushi. Hated it the first time I tried it, now I can’t get enough!

  19. optimisticlight Says:

    I Love Kalbi

  20. 12quillemall5321 Says:

    I am making a Honduran coleslaw made with pineapple vinegar. No mayo.

  21. laushades Says:

    this also works with regular couscous grains?

  22. MyassWins Says:

    Man now I wish I could make some middle eastern food.

    Food I’ve taught myself to love. Peppers in general. I hated them when I was younger.

  23. wcfoodies Says:

    @MrJingjong Thank you!

  24. MrJingjong Says:

    another great recipe, WCF!

  25. intoximacated Says:

    Production quality is down… and the music is scaring me…


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