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How to Make The Easiest Baked Pork Chop – The Easiest Way

Posted on 16 July 2012 by admin     

Pork chops are easy to overcook into dry, flavorless leather. Fear not! Follow these simple instructions from CHOW Kitchen Editorial Assistant Lisa Lavery to ensure juicy, tasty pork chops every time using our recipe for Easy Baked Pork Chops with White Wine–Mustard Sauce. Check out the recipe at The Easiest Way is CHOW’s new weekly video series. Every Friday we’ll be debuting a new, simple video recipe straight from the Test Kitchen that gives step-by-step instructions along with all the extra information you need to put together a great meal. Check back every week and you’ll never lack for dinner ideas again! Check out all our other easy video recipes with The Easiest Way playlist: Subscribe to CHOW: For more recipes, stories and videos, check out CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================

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  1. BJKproductions878 Says:

    I’m so fucking hungry right now.?

  2. YoenisAlvarez Says:

    Y? el arroz????

  3. krispena10 Says:

    Can i use a drop of? doritos consomme to give the dance a southwestern kick?

  4. krispena10 Says:

    Can i use a? drop of doritos consomme to give the dance a southwestern kick?

  5. krispena10 Says:

    Can i use? a drop of doritos consomme to give the dance a southwestern kick?

  6. krispena10 Says:

    Can i use a drop of doritos consomme so that it? can give the dance a southwest kick?

  7. Voodooxgypsy Says:

    i will? be the best housewife with these videos.

  8. FreakExceptionale Says:

    It’s not just you. This is the best? video series CHOW has ever done.

  9. MrSkinnyBill Says:

    I like to add a dash? of Doritos Consommé before I put my pork chops in the oven. It really adds a southwestern kick.

  10. Paulxl Says:

    I think it’s easier to control the cooking process using? the oven.

  11. McNuggetChris Says:

    Love this? new format

  12. Nerflover10097 Says:

    does she have an accent??

  13. Hawkstrat Says:

    What are the advantages to oiling the meat, as opposed to the? pan?

  14. jennywu73 Says:

    I’ll finished that rest? of that pork chop she left behind…I’ll even suck the damn bone.

  15. 52766 Says:

    If I ever become? a pig and find myself being butchered, this is how I want my remains to be treated!

  16. emouch1 Says:

    must…. resist… consomme…? joke….

  17. Swifzor Says:

    Congratulations. This has been most well thought-out and best executed video by Chow I’ve seen? thus far. The presentation was concise and the tips were actually helpful.

  18. jstyledipset Says:

    “Now thats a good looking piece of meat!”

    I hear? that all the time….

  19. mesahusa Says:

    heres a easier recipe:
    take ur pork chops and throw them in the? oven for 30 min and 375. there u have it.

  20. pman123 Says:

    I want pork chops? now

  21. MrAngryGnome Says:

    She left so much meat on the bone at the end. Tch*? wasteful

  22. Donny Ramsoondar Says:

    really? nice

  23. ZealDaan Says:

    I second? that.

  24. quickdrawMMX Says:

    doritos consomme… and it’s ok, I am gay.

    I really like these videos too. Chow, more of? these, less of tips, and none of Pervaiz Shallwani.

  25. MrOatmealguy Says:

    the next person to say dorito consomme? after me is GAY


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