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How To Make The Perfect Ice Cream Sundae Like A Boss!

Posted on 26 September 2012 by admin     

How To Make The Perfect Ice Cream Sundae Like A Boss! The perfect ice cream sundae will make a mess and how to do it is easy! What do you think slackers? Link to the video I was inspired by: Follow me on Twitter! Let’s be friends on Facebook! *NEW* Subscribe to my second channel for more videos! Subscribe to WowThatsRadShow for prank call videos! If you’re reading this, comment this video saying: MESSY! Keywords: How To Make The Perfect Ice Cream Sundae Like A Boss! how to make the perfect chocolate ice cream sundae recipe Cooking restaurant HowToBasic howtobasic How To Basic basic How-to Ice Cream secret method technique eggs gourmet Gelato sorbet treat tips delicious home made kids

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  1. Rachel Allen Says:

    i like? your hat

  2. Smilelove72 Says:


  3. Gabytalyakw Says:

    He did not make the? sundae retard

  4. AzumGaming Says:

    Yeah I asked? myself the same question

  5. Taurenshamy Says:

    yeah…? that looks like too much ice cream :3

  6. likatubwebwe Says:

    Watch your? language!!!!

  7. n00bsRk00l Says:


  8. NuixHD Says:

    Can i have ure Cap? ?

  9. domsktr Says:

    you are? a ice-cream sunday

  10. StilcLaN Says:

    Hey everyone
    Sorry for self Promoting but..
    Please make my dream of getting big on youtube
    I upload every day in? HD

    Please no hate
    Its hard getting big when theres so many youtubers out there now :/

  11. ThaDanishGuy Says:

    I prefer? HowToBasic’s.

  12. NuclearDuckie Says:

    Probably because he didn’t go on to make smartass voice-over commentary on the actual video; he just? talked about other crap.

  13. SkitHumor Says:


  14. PlanetSlacker Says:

    Why? almost?

  15. NuclearDuckie Says:

    You are *almost*? as unbearable as RayWilliamJohnson.

  16. Bigpinkpolkadots Says:

    That looks? yummy c:

  17. GCEism Says:

    I’ve never really had? a real sundae to be honest. The closest I’ve ever had is one from McDonalds and they are not that nice.

  18. Astachoth Says:

    #7 I drive to McDonald’s and order a hot fudge sundae with nuts. Problem solved. Now, that’s the perfect? sundae.

  19. WWETNABotches Says:

    I subbed? him he makes good vids lmfao

  20. PlanetSlacker Says:


  21. UntoldHeroes Says:


  22. PlanetSlacker Says:

    First… ::sigh::?


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