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How to Make Whole Wheat Bread

Posted on 08 July 2012 by admin     

Learn how to bake all natural whole wheat bread from scratch. Tips from a long time baker.

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  1. nosocom Says:

    lol u so gay?

  2. Kirsten Skiles Says:

    Thanks so much. I was doing? the kneading all wrong and this video finally showed me the right way. The dough seemed wet, but my loaves were successful!

  3. dufffredq8 Says:

    Thank you for your most pleasant manner and a fine video on? how to make bread. My wife and I will try it tomorrow.

  4. gearsiborg Says:

    @delectableplanet sorry iPad is bad to write comment here. I was saying I’ve been doing bread for a while now with the video but I always have my dough very soft? . Where’s my mistake ?

  5. gearsiborg Says:

    @delectableplanet? I’ve been doing. Bread since

  6. littlebitnina Says:

    is there any substitutions for the sweetener ?? can we use honey or something else instead ? just wondering? tho

  7. vallemings1 Says:

    I just put two perfect loaves into the oven with great expectations of perfect bread! I’ve never had success with the rising part of the process (most of my bread lately looks like moon rocks) so I’ve very happy? and excited, even tho it’s slow and time/labor intensive. I just have to look at it as going back to our roots as women who stayed home all day. I can deal with having to slow down a bit.
    My bread is starting to smell great, thank you so much!!

  8. rebk1228 Says:

    OMG!! I just finished making it and it came out PERFECT! I halved the recipe because I only wanted one loaf and I also substituted agave? nectar for honey, although I do have agave, because I wanted to make honey wheat bread and still it rose perfectly and everything came out just like yours and it tastes like heaven too! This is my first bread and no screw ups! My kitchen smells like a professional bakery and all 😀 Thank you so much!

  9. MrLavanyagandham Says:

    Can u give me measurements for? 1 bread loaf

  10. BurningMountin Says:

    Try using soft spring wheat instead of hard winter wheat..well I grind my own wheat so? that’s what I use if I want lighter bread.

  11. youtuby0305 Says:

    Hi Mr. Lester, wonderful video with plenty of useful tips … wondering if you got video for white bread? .. appreciate your reply …

  12. PurpleM7 Says:

    sammy? likes.

  13. gearsiborg Says:

    I do bread from this video since more than a month, it rises well, it tastes very? good, it looks good and we all love it however all attempt to make a lightweight bread with air like the commercial ones failed completely. I have no clue what to try since I tried so many combination of floors and kneeding techniques

  14. dnnspv2 Says:

    Sure, it is still edible even if it comes out as flat as a pancake. But then I could just make pancakes. The nice rise/size of Lester’s loaves is part of the reason why I wanted to try his recipe. If it happens for? him then there is obviously something I could do better or differently. Thanks for the reply though.

  15. donnyab Says:

    the real trick is … to just eat the? stuff whatever way it comes out

  16. dnnspv2 Says:

    Great recipe but I’m getting frustrated. The bread comes out good; nice color, texture, and a decent rise. However, the bread won’t rise as high as the loaves in this video. Once they rise? higher than the pan they flatten out over the sides. What am I doing wrong? Should I a get particular kind of pan?

  17. serbsmight Says:

    He make it look so easy. I try and? it didnt come out like his.

  18. missredharmony3 Says:

    Can I use honey as a substitute for? a sweetner?

  19. Antiks72 Says:

    No sexy crumb shot? ? booo

  20. Antiks72 Says:

    I’ve been making no knead bread lately? and it’s turning out great.

  21. keepdancingmaria Says:

    divide the given ingredients by 2. He gives 8 1/2 cups flour, divide that by 2 and you get? 4 1/4 cups of flour, etc. But maybe you just need smaller pans, or to multiply his ingredients by 1.5, in order to have more dough to fit your pans. If they are not coming out of the pan, try more oil in the pan. The loaf should not stick whether it is a small loaf, or a big loaf. Maybe you mean it does not rise enough? Use fresh yeast or longer rise times. Good luck.

  22. keepdancingmaria Says:

    I am not the man in this video, but maybe I can help. My oven temp varies a lot, so I keep testing it. When the top is firm, and the loaf sounds “hollow” when I tap it, I turn the oven off and just leave the it in for a few minutes. My husband is extremely tolerant of my homemade bread (he likes it any way) so I will try something, and if it? isn’t quite right, I make a note of what to try next time. That loaf gets devoured anyway. you have a better oven, so don’t be afraid to try.

  23. eogg25 Says:

    from the color of ur whole wheat flour it looks like, the white whole wheat type. my whole wheat? is much darker.

  24. cladio1299 Says:

    u look like a clasical guitarist? mr lester 😉


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